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MathType Office Tools release notes

MathType editor v7.7.1 - November 2023

We have fixed an issue where some apps running in the background prevented the installation of MathType 7.

What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where some apps running in the background prevented the installation of MathType 7. Now, only apps that integrate (Word, WPS) with MathType prevent its installation, as intended.

  • Fixed an issue with the certificate that would show users a banner warning about Macros when opening Word. This banner is not shown anymore.

MathType editor v7.7.0 - August 2023

Until now, WPS Writer's users had to have Microsoft Office installed for MathType to work properly. In this new version, MathType automatically detects if WPS Writer is installed in the user's PC and sets everything up so both applications can work together, seamlessly without the hassle of performing extra steps or installations.

Additionally, the EULA has been updated.

New features

  • MathType seamlessly integrates with WPS Writer.

What's Improved

  • EULA has been updated

MathType Add-In for Microsoft 365 v3.12.0 - July 2023

We are making changes in the internal mechanism to collect errors. This way, we will be able to understand better all the details of our users' issues so we can solve them faster.

What's Improved

  • Connectivity errors are captured and displayed to the user.

  • Sign-in issues with Microsoft are captured and displayed to the user.

  • Improved performance when detecting OLE equations in Word documents.

MathType editor v7.6.0 - June 2023

A minor version release.

What's Improved

When a new user starts a trial, we collect his email so we can offer better customer service and onboarding process.

MathType Add-In for Microsoft 365 v3.9.1 - May 2023

Accessibility is one of our concerns. This release improves the accessibility of our equation images, making them fully compatible with the latest versions of the most popular screen readers. Screen readers will read your equations in both Word documents and PDF.

New features

Compatibility with NVDA 2021 + Windows 11 and JAWS 2022.

What's Improved

Error management when validating Product Keys.

What's fixed

Fixed issue converting MathType 7 equations into AddIn equations containing <mover> in its MathML.

MathType for Google Workspace v6 - March 2023

Minor release with only internal improvements.

What's Improved

Better management of user notifications.

MathType Add-in for Microsoft 365 v3.5.1 - February 2023

Minor release with only internal improvements.

What's Improved

Better management of user notifications.

MathType Add-in for Microsoft 365 v3.5.0 - February 2023

This version brings an improvement in the performance of the editor. That means it will load much faster whenever you want to create or edit an equation. It also has some minor improvements.

What's Improved

  • The time to open the editor has been reduced.

  • The list of historic equations in PowerPoint will now update every time you open it.

  • The design of the alerts and their buttons has been improved.

MathType Add-in for Microsoft 365 v3.4.0 - November 2022

MathType is now more user-friendly with the revision of some copies. Also, we have improved some accessibility issues of MathType as an authoring tool.

What's improved

  • Editing equations is more intuitive as captions of the “Insert/Edit” button are reactive to a selection of any editable equations.

  • Accessibility:

    • Improved keyboard and screen reader accessibility for the “My equations” feature drop-down in PowerPoint.

    • Improved focus management of editable fields.

    • Improved visibility to screen readers of some elements, including automatic speaking for errors and warnings and context for external links.

MathType Add-in for Microsoft 365 v3.1.0 - July 2022

This version includes compatibility with PowerPoint. You can now create and edit your equations using the Add-in inside Microsoft PowerPoint. This new compatibility iincludes the My equations feature, so you can edit the most recent equations without having to look for them in the presentation. Besides, a minor bug with handwriting has been fixed.


New features

What's fixed

  • The editor can now be closed while Handwriting is recognizing a handwritten input.

MathType Add-In for Microsoft 365 v3.0.4 - July 2022

Bugfixing release.

What's Improved

  • Add splash screen in the task pane.

What's fixed

  • Delay error message at startup in the task pane to avoid false positives because of slow connections.

  • Fix Hotjar surveys not showing up.

MathType for Google Workspace - v2.0.0 - June 2022

We are excited to show you the new Google Workspace design that makes creating and editing equations faster with a sidebar.


You will also be able to edit in Google Docs the equations you created with the Microsoft Word Add-in. Both tools are now compatible! Start creating your document in Word, continue in Google Docs, and then go back to Word. Your equations will keep their formatting and positioning.

In our quest to be the perfect partner for writing equations, we have improved the creation of new equations by keeping your favorite format settings. Spend your time on what really matters!

New features

MathType Add-in for Microsoft 365 v3.0.3 - June 2022

Bugfixing release.

What's fixed

  • After inserting an equation, a new alert appears when an expired license is detected.

  • There is now an alternative text for the loader gif.

  • We have fixed a minor bug in the overlapping of image styles.

MathType Add-in for Microsoft 365 v3.0 - Licenses - May 2022

MathType Add-in for Microsoft 365 is now out of Beta. This means that the product is now stable and well-integrated into Microsoft Word. 

Also, from now on, it will be a paid product included in the Office Tools MathType license. With this license, you will be able to create great equations in Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and MathType 7 desktop app.

MathType for Microsoft 365 v2.2.4 - March 2022

This release fixes minor issues that will allow you to have a better experience creating and editing your equations.

What's fixed

  • When trying to read the alternative text of an equation, in some cases it couldn’t be read and an error message was displayed instead

  • Problem with equations accessible text verbosity has been solved

  • A problem opening the editor in documents with corrupted accessible text in some equations has been solved

  • Now you can insert equations with angle brackets without any problem

MathType for Windows v7.4.10 - February 2022

The digital signature for PowerPoint certification will expire on February 17th, 2022. The new release will have a signature valid until 2024. This version will also solve the issue with format and convert commands in Word that the previous version had.

What has been fixed

  • Security certificate for PowerPoint update. Read more

  • Issue with format and convert commands in Word

MathType Add-In for Microsoft 365 v2.2.3 - January 2022

Due to Microsoft restrictions, some long equations presented issues when being edited. This issue has been solved in this minor release, so now you can create equations as long as you need! We have also added a new visual notification that includes gifs. From now on, you will enjoy fancy tips and tricks on how to use MathType like a pro.

New features

Visual notifications that include images and gifs.

What has been fixed

Long equation limitation in editing has been solved.

MathType editor v7.17.1 - December 2021

Mainly a security and bug fixing release

  • Improve protection against XXE attacks in .NET server components

  • Fixed invalid MathML potentially being output when applying several styles to a mfenced

MathType for Microsoft 365 v2.2.2 - December 2021

This minor version comes with compatibility with Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0 equations and it solves some issues editing MathType 7 equations. This version will detect if you don’t have the suitable software components to run MathType add-in inside Microsoft 365, and it will guide you in solving the incompatibility so you can enjoy creating your equations. And last, but not least, it includes some updates in our dependencies that improve our AddIn security.

#MathType for Microsoft 365

New Features

Equation Editor 3.0 equations conversion into MathType AddIn equations

What has been improved

  • Missing software components detection and guide for its installation, if any

  • Improved security due to an update in our dependencies

What has been fixed

  • Equations created in MathType 7 that contain the 'greater-than' or 'less-than' symbols or ‘&’ symbol, can be now successfully edited

  • Images do not interfere anymore with the bulk conversion of MathType 7 equations

MathType for Microsoft 365 v2.2- November 2021

#MathType for Microsoft 365 This release comes with good news for those users who have been using MathType with Word for a while.With our Add-in for Word, You can now edit your old documents created with MathType 7 (or older versions). With just one click you can convert all your MathType 7 equations into editable equations and continue editing your old documents with the Add-In. In our quest to be the perfect partner for writing equations, we have improved the creation of new equations by keeping your favorite format settings. Spend your time on what really matters! This October, Microsoft released its new Office package, and we are glad to announce that the MathType Add-in for Microsoft 365 is fully compatible with Office 2021. No matter if you work on cloud or local, MathType is the perfect partner for writing beautiful and professional equations.

New Features

What has been improved

MathType editor 7.17.0 - August 2021

#MathType for Microsoft 365, #MathType for Google Workspace, #MathType for LMS Bug fixing release.

New Features

Added experimental monospace conversion button to the Publishers tab

What has been fixed

Various alignments and graphical interface bug fixes

MathType for Google Workspace v1.7.1- August 2021

After a beta period of 3 months, MathType for Google Slides is now available and ready to help you with your math equations in your presentations. MathType for GSlides is included in the MathType for Office Tools subscription.

New Features

Google Slides is now included in our MathType for Office Tools subscription. You will be required to sign in with your Google Workspace account to use it.

MathType editor 7.16.1 - June 2021

Bug fixing release.

#MathType7 for Windows, #MathType for Microsoft 365, #MathType for Google Workspace

What has been’s fixed

Fixed left/right notations sometimes getting displayed incorrectly in RTL mode. According to the MathML standard, only the phasor angle and the radical symbols are affected by directionality.

MathType for Microsoft 365 v2.1 - July 2021

MathType add-in is now available for Word online. Share your documents and collaborate with your colleagues, partners and students. No matter the platform, device, environment or special needs. MathType equations are now compatible with assistive technologies, and we support RTL languages. Additionally, we have significantly improved our equations quality and math coverage.

Add-in screenshot with the quadratic formula

New Features

  • Available for Word online

  • High quality images inline with text, instead of Word OMML equations

  • Accessible text in equations

  • RTL support

  • Multi-line

  • Color

  • Font and font size selector

What has improved

  • More symbols in toolbar tabs for better math coverage: elementary math, strikethrough, arrows and harpoons, double struck and script symbols...

  • Improved UX following MS guidelines