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MathType comes with some specific features to easily create chemical notation. All the chemistry-related features are activated when the chemistry toolbar is activated.

When MathType is used with the chemistry toolbar we shall refer to it as ChemType The scope of ChemType is limited to chemistry formulas that can be encoded with MathML.

MathType APPs and MathType Integrations do typically include two icons for MathType one for the generic math toolbar and another for ChemType


If you don't have a ChemType icon in your app contact your IT team. They may be able to activate it for you.

TRY ChemType


Upright chemistry elements

In mathematical notation, variable names are typically presented in italics. For chemical elements, this is not the expected behavior. In ChemType elements appear as upright (Roman) letters.

Chemistry toolbar

The main tab of ChemType includes the most useful symbols to create chemical notation. The other tabs and icons in the toolbar are the same as in MathType


Chemistry buttons

Even if ChemType is not loaded, you can find some chemistry-related symbols in MathType main tabs. For example, you can find arrows for reactions in MathType Arrows tab.


There are symbols for chemical elements in MathType Greek, letters, and numbers tab. The most frequent symbols are on display, and all others are in an extra section, arranged in a periodic table.