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From version 3.53.2 it is possible to place the plugin's dynamic contents on a different server. To enable the communication between servers, you need to change the location of your integration dynamic contents directory (integration) and enable CORS in your configuration.ini file.


Note: In the instructions below <server-static> will be the static content server and <server-dynamic> the dynamic content server.

Move integration directory

.NET and PHP

  • Move the integration directory to <server-dynamic>/<plugin-path>.

  • Move your configuration.ini file next to the integration directory on <server-dynamic>:

<server-dynamic>/<plugin-path>/integration <server-dynamic>/<plugin-path>/configuration.ini

  • Change the src of WIRISplugins.js in <server-static> to

  • Add


variable in your configuration.ini file.

  • Edit <server-static>/<plugin-path>/<plugin>.js and set



  • Change the src of WIRISplugins.js in <server-static> to

  • Add


in your configuration.ini file.

  • Edit <server-static>/<plugin-path>/<plugin>.js and set

  • Open wirisplugin-engine.jar inside pluginwiris_engine/WEB-INF/lib and change the value of this.javaServicePath in WIRISplugins.js for


Enable CORS

  1. Add wiriscorsenabled=true in your server-dynamic's configuration.ini file.

  2. If you need to enable CORS only for a group of servers you need to follow these additional steps too:

    • Add a file called ''corsservers.ini'' at the same directory level of configuration.ini file.

    • Add the servers you need in ''corsservers.ini'' (one per line) using this format: