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What is MathType

Create and edit your formulas in a visual environment

MathType is a WYSIWYG formula editor (equation editor), with classical and handwriting input modes. It is based on JavaScript, so it runs on any browser and operating system, including mobile and tablet devices. Choose from a large collection of symbols and templates nicely organized in thematic tabs in order to create formulas for any web content. We also make available components for integration in your own mobile or tablet app.


MathType comprises two main components:

  • The JavaScript editor is the editor itself. It displays the toolbar and current formula, capturing mouse and keyboard events to dynamically build the formula. See how to embed the editor in a web page.

  • The web services provide extra features like generating PNG images from MathML and converting to/from LaTeX. For the curious, the underlying server technologies of the services are Java and .NET. Read more about the MathType services.

Editing modes

MathType lets you choose between two editing modes:

  • Classic input mode is probably what you expect when using an equation editor. Choose symbols and templates from MathType toolbar, combining them to build the equation.

  • Handwritten input mode lets you write the equation in your own handwriting. After checking the equation preview to ensure its accuracy, you can insert the equation or switch to classic input for further editing.

Licensing MathType

After you install one of our plugins into your environment, you will need a license for usage beyond a certain level. SaaS/Cloud licenses do not require a product key; they are URL-based. Let us know the URL where you are using our services and we will whitelist it for use without any alerts or messages.

By default, our plugins use our demo services, but if you prefer, you may install the MathType services on your server. The demo services use our latest release candidate version (beta) while client services use the latest stable version. In order to use the client services edit your configuration.ini file, replacing every instance of /demo/ for /client/ and uncommenting the modified variables.


About the names demo and client: Although the names can be a bit confusing, the demo services are commercial ones. Both demo and client services are commercial, only for use by clients. The difference between them is the client link is the stable version and the demo is the one that we update more often. We recommend staying on the demo link, since potential bugs will be solved much faster than in the stable version.

MathType: working with Word and other types of documents

There is another MathType product that's intended for printed documents, presentations, and even some web pages and web apps. MathType Office Tools is software you install on your computer, and it integrates with other installed software in one of several ways. For more information about MathType Office Tools and what is possible with it, please see our MathType Office Tools documentation.MathType for Office Tools

Introduction to creating equations

With MathType it is possible to edit many types of content: mathematics, physics, and science in general. Editing inorganic chemistry is now easier than ever thanks to the chemistry toolbar.

MathType is based upon standards like MathML for internal representation and the PNG image format for displaying formulas. It can also handle other formats like LaTeX, Flash, SVG and EPS.

To help learn what formulas MathType can handle, please visit the examples gallery or the live demo.

The MathType window is split into two main areas: a tabbed toolbar that contains a large number of icons, and an editing area where you can see your current formula, the location of the cursor, and the text currently selected (if any). When you are done, click OK (or Accept, or Insert) to save changes, or click Cancel to exit without making modifications. For more detailed information about creating and editing equations, please see our Using MathType page.

Where can I edit

The editor allows an easy integration both in Web applications and desktop applications for Windows (.NET) or macOS. There is also a porting of the editor to Flash/Flex and to Java/Swing.

You will find MathType integrated in many applications (see below). Check whether there is a MathType integration that satisfies your requirements, or contact us.

google_apps_logo.png office_logo-2.png

blackboard3.png canvas3.png moodle3.png schoology3.png

For Web applications, MathType will appear visually inside your application but it will be hosted at following the software as a service (SaaS) model. You may also be interested in installing the entire MathType - server components at your server, so that both the JavaScript editor and the images are provided from your site.

You can use the formula editor in different work scenarios:

  • Final user: Visit the manual or ask your web administrator to install a MathType integration.

  • Web administrator: You can use MathType in your web platform within the HMTL editor you are currently using. Several MathType Integrations are already developed, including a generic plugin for any HTML editor.

  • Application developer: You can integrate MathType in any web platform using the public API. Find some hints at Embedding an editor, Generic plugin, or contact us.


MathType comes with two user input interfaces: a classic palette and icon-based interface, and the latest handwriting input method.

If you visit a page using MathType with your mobile device, the handwriting interface will appear by default. However, if you visit the same page with a laptop or desktop computer the classic input will show. The user is always free to change between the two interfaces.


The handwriting palette below is embedded, feel free to hand-write some expressions of your own. For mistakes or corrections, look for the Undo and Trash icons on the left, or simply scribble through it. When the markings turn red, release and it will delete.

We have another page with more detailed instructions and examples for handwritten input. Please see the Handwritten input page for more information.


We realize the importance of math accessibility. Thus, MathType is able to generate a textual representation of the formulas at display time and the user interface of the editor has many features to improve the user experience of users with different disabilities. See the Accessibility page for more detail.