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MathType for LMS release notes

MathType - Integrations for Moodle - 8.7.0 - May 2024

This is a release to ensure the full compatibility with the new version of Moodle 4.4.

What's improved

Minor maintenance tasks performs to ensure the compatibility with Moodle 4.4 with no effect in functionalities.

MathType - Integrations for Moodle - 8.6.3 - March 2024

What's fixed

  • When users of Wiris Quizzes added Wiris Quizzes Cloze questions to Quizzes in Courses, sometimes there was an error displayed and the question was not usable, giving an error when it was previewed or used. This release fixes this error.

What's improved

  • Modified the copy of a test in the Moodle Filter Test Page that did not represent the actual test that was being executed.

What's new

  • Added a feature that causes Moodle to automatically hide the default math editor button from the rich text editor's toolbar when MathType for Moodle is installed.

MathType - Integrations for Moodle - 8.6.2 - December 2023

Bug fixing release. Fixed one bug that showed a warning to a set of users to update the Moodle plugin when they should not, which would cause the software to not work. The warning is now shown to the correct set of users. Fixed another bug that made Wiris Quizzes Cloze questions not work.

What's fixed

  • When users of WirisQuizzes added WirisQuizzes Cloze questions to Quizzes in Courses, sometimes an error was displayed, and the question was not usable -- it returned an error when it was previewed or used. This release fixes this error.

  • A message suggesting Moodle users to upgrade their integration with TinyMCE to TinyMCE6 appeared to the wrong users.

    It is being shown to users with Moodle versions before 4.2, which do not support TinyMCE6. This release will restrict the warning message to users of Moodle 4.2 or higher.

  • Also, the release fixes a bug that would not display the rendered equations when using the viewer version 1.2.0 and greater for the render type Client. Instead, Moodle would display the MathML code. This has been fixed, and now the equations are rendered for this environment with these conditions.

Mathtype - Integrations for Moodle - 8.6.1 - October 2023

A little bug-fixing release.

What's fixed

  • Fixed a bug that was affecting the Wiris filter

Mathtype - Integrations for Moodle - 8.6.0 - October 2023

We have ensured the compatibility of our Moodle integration with the new release of Moodle 4.3. We have fixed an annoying behavior User Experience-wise when upgrading Moodle with an old version of TinyMCE (legacy). We have also fixed a bug that triggered an error signal although the error was not really happening.

What's fixed

  • Added a warning that created an error when upgrading the Moodle version.

    Newer versions of Moodle are incompatible with the legacy TinyMCE Editor. When users upgraded their versions to Moodle 4.2, they had to uninstall the legacy TinyMCE and install the new TinyMCE 6. If they don't do this, an error is shown. Since we cannot uninstall automatically the legacy version, we have added a warning/notification for users when installing Moodle 4.2 or greater to install TinyMCE 6. 

  • An error message appeared when inserting content into the page incorrectly stating that TinyMCE did not exist.

MathType - Integrations for Moodle - 8.4.0 - September 2023

A minor release that complies with the requirements of the Moodle Certification Badge. Additionally, we have fixed a bug that prevented our Moodle integration from integrating properly with TinyMCE 6.

MathType - Integrations for Moodle - 8.3.0 - June 2023

This minor release brings MathType compatibility fixes with PHP 8.2 and Moodle 4.2. Some issues between Moodle 4.2 and PHP 8.2 are still pending due to their incompatibility. As Moodle patches these issues, they will be fixed for MathType too. MathType for Moodle data reporting has also been improved.

What's fixed

  • MathType compatibility issues with PHP 8.2 and Moodle 4.2.

  • Wiris filter and Moodle 4.2 compatibility issues.

MathType - Integrations for Moodle - 8.2.6 - April 2023

This new version of MathType brings full compatibility with Moodle 4.2.

New features

Compatibility with Moodle 4.2.

MathType - Integration for Moodle - 8.1.0 - March 2023

This MathType version comes with compatibility with PHP 8.1 and updates the way we track user activity.

New features

  • Compatibility with PHP 8.1.

  • Implementation of telemetry to understand better the usage of the editor. All the collected information is completely anonymous.

MathType - Integration for Moodle - 8.0.1 - November 2022

This new version comes with Moodle 4.1 compatibility and some fixes in the PHP 8.0.0 integration.

New features

  • Moodle 4.1 compatibility

What's fixed

  • Reverted an accidental rollback of the latest PHP toolkit version.

Integrations for Moodle - 8.0.0 - October 2022

All our integrations in the Wiris Integrations ecosystem match the same version from now on. Some bug fixing has been done, too.

What's fixed

  • Wiris filter in Moodle is now fully compatible with PHP 8.

  • MathType and ChemType buttons in Atto were greyed out and they seemed disabled. We changed the color so it looks perfectly functional.

Integrations for Moodle - 7.28.0 - April 2022

New features

MathType Integrations version 7.28.0 is now compatible with Moodle 4.0

MathType editor 7.17.0 - August 2021

Bug fixing release.

What has been fixed

Various alignments and graphical interface bug fixes

MathType editor 7.16.1 - June 2021

Bug fixing release.

What has been’s fixed

Fixed left/right notations sometimes getting displayed incorrectly in RTL mode. According to the MathML standard, only the phasor angle and the radical symbols are affected by directionality.