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MathType SDK JavaScript offline

MathType SDK JavaScript offline is a reduced version of MathType interface that targets desktop or mobile apps.


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MathType SDK JavaScript offline is a JavaScript editor running inside an embedded browser like WebKit or Internet Explorer web control. At present, all technologies for developing applications allow embedding some Web browser.

Thanks to this, integrating it with your own application is no different from MathType For more details, visit the embedding an editor section.

It is essential to know that unlike the web-based MathType, this is a stand-alone product that does not employ the MathType interface API services. If you are looking for a solution that uses the MathType interface API services, look at the SDK libraries section.


As we mentioned before, MathType SDK JavaScript Offline is a reduced version of MathType although most features remain. You can find all the web-based MathType features here.

Unsupported features


Download the package and unzip it into any folder. Then open the index.html directly with any browser: