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Please note this document applies only to MathType 6.9 and later for Windows. Mac users should continue using the MathType 5 SDK.

What is MTSDKDN?

MTSDKDN is a DLL included with the SDK that contains all of the return values, parameter switches, structures, and function prototypes used by the SDK. In previous versions of the SDK these values needed to be defined in your program before they could be used, and as this basically duplicates code, it was a potential source of errors. It was also difficult to know what the legal values were for a given parameter, or what the possible return values were for a particular function. MTSDKDN resolves these issues and so we recommend you use it in all of your VBA and .NET projects that make calls to the SDK.

How to use MTSDKDN in VBA

Prior to calling into MTSDKDN you'll need to first create a reference to it, either manually, or programmatically. To create the reference manually, first select the project in the VBA Project Explorer window by clicking on it, and then select Tools\References…. Then, search for the Wiris Inc. SDK Utilities reference, and place a checkbox next to it. If it's not listed in the Available References, you'll have to browse for MTSDKDN.tlb. To verify that the reference was created correctly you can go to the Object Browser in VBA, and from the <All Libraries> dropdown, select DesignScience_SDKUtilities. You should now be able to browse everything defined in MTSDKDN.

How to use MTSDKDN in .NET

To add a reference to MTSDKDN in .NET, open the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, right click on References, and select Add Reference. Browse to the location of, and select MTSDKDN.tlb. Once it's added you can right click the DesignScience_SDKUtilities reference and select View in Object Browser to browse the contents of the type library.

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