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MathType SDK

The MathType SDK is for developers who want to explore the advanced capabilities or configurations of MathType .The MathType SDK is available to developers who:

  • want to customize the MathType Editor toolbar to provide for the specific requirements of their organization

  • want to deploy the MathType Hand interface for writing equations by hand

  • want the tools and documentation for embedding MathType into their product, web application, or web page

  • want to know more about MathType web services

  • want to take advantage of MathType web services:

    • generate equation images as PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS, or SWF

    • convert MathML from/to LaTeX

    • generate a textual representation of a formula for accessibility

    • convert presentation MathML from/to content MathML

    • provide a simple floating point calculator (not to be confused with CalcMe)