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MathType for Oxygen XML Author Release Notes

MathType for Oxygen XML Author v1.14.0 - November 2023

This release includes two new features:

  • A new screen accessible from the MathType Web Editor allows users to check their connection status. This screen also appears when entering the application, and the user has such a restrictive firewall that our services can't work.

  • An alternative Connection Mode that allows users to connect and use the services even with a very restrictive Firewall that prevents usage in Standard Mode. If Wiris' services can work normally with the user's connection, they won't even see this option.

This release also fixes a bug that occurred when an invalid product key was inserted in MathType for Oxygen XML Author.

New Features

  • You can now click a button above the MathType Web Editor to view their connection status to the multiple services: Atlas, Wirisnet, and the Automatic Update System. 

    Also, if your internet connection is so restrictive that Wiris services can't work normally you will see your connection status directly when opening the Oxygen XML Author app.

  • You are now able to select an alternative connection mode that will allow you to connect to the application with a firewall configuration. 

    Users will be able to select the connection modes from the Connection Status page accessed which can be accessed from the Web Editor window. Also, in the case your internet connection is very restrictive a message with the Connection Status will appear so you are be able to select a different connection mode.

What's fixed

  • When an invalid product key was inserted in MathType for Oxygen XML Author, an error message is displayed. Sometimes, the copy in this error message was wrong. This has been fixed.

MathType for Oxygen XML Author v1.13.2 - March 2023

This is a minor bug-fixing release.

What's fixed

Enabled automated updates when a new version is released.

MathType for Oxygen XML Author v1.0.0 - February 2023

We are releasing the first version of our new MathType integration in Oxygen XML Author: MathType for Oxygen XML Author. 

You will now be able to create high-quality formulas in your Oxygen XML documents for Windows and Mac. If you want to know more, click here.

We are also deprecating the Beta version of MathType for Oxygen XML Author.

New features

  • The first release of MathType for Oxygen XML Author in Windows and Mac

  • Automated updates