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Content MathML

MathType 7 works natively with the MathML presentation because it captures all the design features that authors may need. MathType 7 can also enter and generate MathML content. Formulas can be imported / exported to content MathML as long as they are well-formed according to a built-in content grammar.

For example, these are valid formulas

123+2 \frac12\;\;3+2

whereas the following are not


Content MathML is related to the evaluation of formulas. Check the MathType decimal evaluation.

Enabling syntax checker

First of all, it is worth it to enable the syntax checker in order to help users eliminate mistakes when writing formulas. The syntax checker highlights any formula that is not well formed, and thus cannot be converted to content MathML.


The 3+ is not a well formed formula according to MathType 7

Remember, you can embed MathType in any web page. To enable the syntax checking, use this line when initializing MathType 7

editor = com.wiris.jsEditor.JsEditor.newInstance({'checkSyntax': 'true'});

or any time after the editor is created

editor.setParams({'checkSyntax': 'true'})

Sending content MathML to the editor

The web-based MathType 7 accepts both presentation and content MathML directly. The different rendering engines also accept content MathML (for example, when generating PNG images).

Getting content MathML

MathType 7 user interface (JavaScript) can only output presentation MathML. To obtain content MathML, a Web service or a direct call using Java or .NET is required to do the conversion from presentation MathML to content MathML.

Getting content MathML with Web service

A call to the Web service with both GET and POST methods is possible. In general, it is preferable to use the POST method in order to avoid size limitations. The call has the form:

where presentation-mathml is the presentation MathML. For example,<math><mn>1</mn><mo>-</mo><mn>2</mn></math>

will return the following content MathML string in the browser:


Getting content MathML with a direct call with Java or .NET

To use this method you will need a license to download and run the MathType - server components. These are available for Java and .NET.Hosting at your server

The source code in Java:

    PublicServicesInterface ps = PublicServices.getInstance();
    Properties p = new Properties();
    String content = ps.mathml2content(

For c#:

    PublicServicesInterface ps = PublicServices.getInstance();
    Dictionary<string,string> d = new Dictionary<string,string>();
    string content = ps.mathml2content(

You will need to add the WIRISeditor.jar in the classpath (or the WIRISeditor.dll for .NET).

Converting from content MathML to presentation MathML

The web-based editor accepts content MathML, so in most scenarios you will not need to convert from content MathML to presentation MathML.

In case you need to, you can use the service or the method called content2mathml in a similar way to when converting to content MathML.<math><apply><minus/><cn>1</cn><cn>2</cn></apply></math>

returns this string in the browser: