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MathType for LMS release notes

MathType - Integrations for Moodle - 8.2.6 - April 2023

This new version of MathType brings full compatibility with Moodle 4.2.

New features

Compatibility with Moodle 4.2.

MathType - Integration for Moodle - 8.1.0 - March 2023

This MathType version comes with compatibility with PHP 8.1 and updates the way we track user activity.

New features

  • Compatibility with PHP 8.1.

  • Implementation of telemetry to understand better the usage of the editor. All the collected information is completely anonymous.

MathType - Integration for Moodle - 8.0.1 - November 2022

This new version comes with Moodle 4.1 compatibility and some fixes in the PHP 8.0.0 integration.

New features

  • Moodle 4.1 compatibility

What's fixed

  • Reverted an accidental rollback of the latest PHP toolkit version.

Integrations for Moodle - 8.0.0 - October 2022

All our integrations in the Wiris Integrations ecosystem match the same version from now on. Some bug fixing has been done, too.

What's fixed

  • Wiris filter in Moodle is now fully compatible with PHP 8.

  • MathType and ChemType buttons in Atto were greyed out and they seemed disabled. We changed the color so it looks perfectly functional.

Integrations for Moodle - 7.28.0 - April 2022

New features

MathType Integrations version 7.28.0 is now compatible with Moodle 4.0

MathType editor 7.17.0 - August 2021

Bug fixing release.

What has been fixed

Various alignments and graphical interface bug fixes

MathType editor 7.16.1 - June 2021

Bug fixing release.

What has been’s fixed

Fixed left/right notations sometimes getting displayed incorrectly in RTL mode. According to the MathML standard, only the phasor angle and the radical symbols are affected by directionality.