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MathType integrations release notes

MathType Integrations 8.0.0 - September 2022 froala_logo.png tinymce_logo.png

We try to follow the most critical trends, and sometimes we must let go of some old stuff. That is why, from now on, we will not give support to the following versions of HTML Editors:

  • Froala 2 and 3

  • TinyMCE 4

We have changed our mono repository technology to work with NX instead of Lerna.

Also, some bugs have been solved for this new version.

New Features

  • Our mono repository technology will work from now in NX instead of working with Lerna. All packages and services have been migrated accordingly. A general clean-up of the repository has also been performed.

  • We have deprecated the integrations for TinyMCE4 and Froala 2 and 3. Froala integrations are now delivered through the @wiris/mathtype-froala package.

What's fixed

  • When you insert a cached formula, this formula will use the styles you are using, not the cached.

  • CKEditor 5 integration can now handle MathML with LaTeX code, even if it brings annotation tags.

  • Our mono repository demos will work now from "localhost" instead of "" to make them compatible with Windows developers.

  • Non-printable Unicode characters on variable names have been replaced.

MathType Integrations 7.31.0 - July 2022 tinymce_logo.png

Great news for MathType users in TinyMCE: we are now compatible with TinyMCE 6.1!


Note MathType is not fully compatible with TinyMCE 6.0. There was a bug in v6.0 that affected the normal use of MathType. In the 6.1 version, this issue is solved.

If you have TinyMCE 6.0 and you want to use MathType, please, upgrade to TinyMCE 6.1.

New features

Compatibility with TinyMCE 6.1.

MathType Integration 7.30.0 - July 2022

MathType is now compatible with PHP 8.0.


New Features

Compatibility with PHP 8.0.

MathType Integrations 7.29 - June 2022

Bugfixing release.

What's fixed

  • [Mobile] - MathType user experience in mobile is now fixed.

  • [CKEditor5] - Caret is now placed after the formula when there is a formula insertion.

  • [CKEditor5] - Caret is now placed after the formula at the beginning of the next content.

  • [TinyMCE 5] - [iPhone] - [Firefox] - When doing zoom out, in the MathType/ChemType Editor does not refresh the page anymore.

  • [Moodle] - Private PHP function made the linter raise false errors and provoked confusion. This doesn't happen anymore.

MathType Integrations 7.28.1 - May 2022

What's Improved

The accessibility text avoids now the styles of the equation.

MathType integrations v7.28.0 - March 2022

What's fixed

  • Fix error when inserting a modified formula and the cancel button was pressed. 

  • Destroy events from CKEditor5Integration when CK5 is destroyed. 

  • Solve Parser not working on Generic Integrations. 

  • Fix wrapping issue when converting Latex to MathML without the Wiris render script. 

  • Fix Angular + Froala (v3 & v4) treating Wiris formulas as images.

  • Accept non-standard ports to host. 

  • Fix toolbar Wiris buttons static label issue on CKEditor5.  

  • Start sending data to Cypress Dashboard with the published packages. 

  • Remove jest completely from the project.

  • Update third-party libraries to fix vulnerabilities.

What's fixed

  • The Redo button issue in TinyMCE 4 and 5.

  • HTML Editors get the keyboard focus back after closing the MathType Editor.

MathType integrations 7.27.1 - October 2021

This version includes support to Froala 4.x and minor changes to the MathType Integrations & SDK

#Froala #MathType Integrations #html-integrations

  • Support to the new major version of Froala

  • Improved MathType Froala packages and demos README

  • General improvements on the examples for developers

  • Fixes pre-render formulas in Froala 3 on React

  • Updated angular version to 12 on CKEditor5, Froala and TinyMCE5 demos

MathType integrations 7.27.0 - September 2021

Mainly bug fixing release.

#html-integrations #Moodle

  • [HTML] - Updated docs for CKEditor 5 demo with local packages

  • [HTML] - CKEditor 5 HTML5 demo now can load local packages.

  • [HTML] - Focus works properly in TinyMCE when the Cancel button is pressed

  • [HTML] - npm to GitHub all packages published

  • [HTML] - The superscript elements now move to subscript

  • [HTML] - Now you are able to modify the formula in read-only mode

  • [HTML] - Solved several formula resizing problems

  • [HTML] - Solved removeImgDataAttribute function errors when accessing an empty element object

  • [HTML] - Fixed LaTeX rendering to behave strangely with the "<" character and spaces

  • [HTML] - Fixed redo button problems in rich text toolbar when there is Wiris in content

  • [HTML] - Fixed compatibility issues with Internet Explorer on CKEditor 4

  • [HTML] - Fixed MathType editor close behavior by pressing the “ESC” key when Hand is displayed

  • [HTML] - Fixed render of LaTex formula when pasted from an excel’s cell as a source

  • [Moodle] - Fixed Equations are not saved, when giving feedback

  • [Moodle] - Fixed MathType and ChemType paths are incorrect

  • [Moodle] - Fixed Hebrew translation to Accept button

  • [Moodle] - Fixed conflict HTML sources editor

  • [Moodle] - Fixed an outdated reference to the MathType Web Integration JavaScript SDK that raised dependency security warning

MathType editor 7.17.0 - August 2021

Bug fixing release.

New Features

Added experimental monospace conversion button to the Publishers tab

What has been fixed

Various alignments and graphical interface bug fixes

MathType editor 7.16.1 - June 2021

Bug fixing release.

What has been’s fixed

Fixed left/right notations sometimes getting displayed incorrectly in RTL mode. According to the MathML standard, only the phasor angle and the radical symbols are affected by directionality.

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