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MathType integrations release notes

MathType Integrations 8.9.2 - May 2024

This release fixes some bugs and improves the behaviour of the equation render.

What's fixed

  • Fixed a bug that would make CKEditor 5 to ignore the arguments passed in the methods setData() and getData().

  • Fixed a bug that would make specific styled formulas to make the equation render to stop working when processed.

What's improved

  • Improved the behaviour of the equation renderer. Before, when an equation failed to render, all the subsequent equations would fail. Now the renderer renders all correct equations and malformed ones don't make it abort the rendering of the correct ones.

MathType Integrations 8.9.1 - May 2024

This release fixes a considerable bug that appeared with the release of Froala 4.2, fixes dependencies and solves another minor bug.

What's Improved

  • Updated the dependencies in our projects so they are compatible with the breaking change introduced by Node in Node v17

What's fixed

  • Fixed a bug that would make equations to be pasted to times when using Froala 4.2

  • Fixed a bug that would not allow the edition of the formula in the public MathType for CKEditor 5 Demo under certain conditions.

MathType Integrations 8.9.0 - April 2024

New features

  • After this release, customers will be able to use the parameter “wiriscustomheaders” in the configuration.ini file to set custom headers in wiris' HTTPS requests that can be modified dynamically. This tasks allows to modify the headers of the requests initiated by the MathType Viewer.

What's Improved

  • Upgraded a dependency to a new major version. Having this dependency outdated caused some mathml tags to be removed when editing formulas, resulting in a different expression compared to the original one.

What's fixed

  • Fixed a bug that would make equations to be pasted to times when using Froala 4.2

  • Fixed a bug that would not allow the edition of the formula in the public MathType for CKEditor 5 Demo under certain conditions.

MathType Integrations 8.8.3 - March 2024

What's Improved

  • Added a way to force Handwriting Mode when opening the MathType Editor without seeing the classic editor version. This can be set in the MathTypeParameters.

What's fixed

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent adding more than 1 equation in Froala when using inline toolbar configuration.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented formulas that contained a largeop operator in their MathML and all the subsequent formulas in the page to be rendered.

  • Fixed a bug that would not set the language defined by the user in CKEditor5

  • Fixed a bug that would make the content of equation to change under certain circumstances when editing already existant formulas in CKEditor.

  • Created demos for Vue for html-integrations to offer customers the more information for integrating in this environment.

  • Fixed an error that was launched when creating an equation after selecting a string of text in an html editor

MathType Integrations 8.8.2 - February 2024

What's fixed

  • This release solves an issue that caused the viewer to render some characters inserted in MathType equations incorrectly, creating unexpected errors.

MathType Integrations 8.8.1 - January 2024

This release fixes some bugs, adds a demo for handwriting-only mode, and a new way to serve our integrations that is more efficient and desirable than before.

New features

  • In the demo of the Generic integration, we have included a "Handwriting-only" mode for those customers interested in this functionality alone.

What's Improved

  • The viewer (WIRISplugin.js) had a configuration that required users to download dependencies and build the package every time we updated it. With the change performed, we will be able to build and upload the package to NPM with the rest of the viewer files, which will simplify the user flow when we upload the viewer.

What's fixed

  • We have fixed a bug that prevented our Froala and Generic Integration demos from properly setting the GUI parameters from the “advanced options" section.

  • Also, the MathType for CKEditor 5 PHP demo hosted in does not ignore the configuration.ini file anymore.

  • Creating a new formula in "only handwriting mode” will not transition as the classic handwriting did.

  • Fixed an error that appeared when double-clicking an equation in CKEditor 4 when the parameters “wiriseditorsavemode” in the configuration.ini was set to “base64”.

MathType editor 7.22.0 - January 2024

New features

  • Added zh_hant (Traditional Chinese) localization.

What's fixed

  • Fixed some zh (Simplified Chinese) translation entries.

  • Display the correct error message when services are used without a license.

  • Avoid crashing when invalid values are used for the after attribute in a custom toolbar.

MathType integrations 8.8.0 - December 2023

This release fixes a couple of bugs related to the editor parameters, and it adds a handwriting-only mode, which is in the Generic Integration demo. Also, we have simplified the process of how users need to update the viewer.

New features

  • We have included a "Handwriting-only" mode in the demo of the Generic integration so the customers interested in this feature can test it.

What's Improved

  • The viewer (WIRISplugin.js) had a configuration that required users to download dependencies and build the package every time we updated it, thus creating a non-optimal user experience. 

    After this release, we will build and upload the package to NPM with the rest of the viewer files, which will simplify the user flow when we upload the viewer.

What's fixed

  • This release fixes a bug that prevented our Froala and Generic demos from adequately setting the GUI parameters from the "advanced options" section.

  • Also, we have fixed a bug that made MathType for CKEditor 5 PHP demo ignore the configuration.ini file. From now on, it will take the parameter configuration into account.

MathType for Oxygen XML Web Author v8.4.1 - December 2023

This release fixes an issue that made the rendering of formulae stop after some intensive usage of MathType for Oxygen Web Author.

What's fixed

We have fixed the issue that interrupted the rendering of formulae after some intensive usage of MathType for Oxygen Web Author.

MathType Integrations 8.7.1 - October 2023

Bug fixing release.

What's fixed

  • MathType for CKEditor Integration was doing an abnormal number of calls when using the Integration Services. The number of calls has been optimized to use fewer resources when using particular services.

  • The ChemType icon in the toolbar was blurry for TinyMCE5 and TinyMCE6 Integrations. This has been fixed.

MathType Integrations 8.7.0 - October 2023

Fixed some misbehaviors and unexpected errors that occurred in our different integrations when interacting with the formulas inserted in the editor.

What's fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the font and some font properties of the text changed after a formula was inserted through the web editor. Now the properties do not change anymore after a formula.

  • Fixed a bug where the re-do action was not working in TinyMCE 6 and Froala. Now the re-do action works as expected.

  • Fixed a bug where an error was displayed when adding to the website the contents edited with an HTML editor if some text was added before some LaTeX code. Now no error is returned.

  • Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping an inserted formula with brackets would change the brackets to parentheses. Now the brackets do not change after being dragged and dropped.

MathType Integrations 8.6.0 - October 2023

We have generated an alternative installation method for our HTML Editor integrations, which are now served from our CDN as well. Some bugs and one vulnerability have been fixed, too.

What's Improved

  • Now we generate "external integration" scripts for all our HTML Editors integrations, as an alternative installation method. These are served from our CDN.

What's fixed

  • Vulnerability fix in our MT for Tiny6 integration.

  • We have fixed a bug where the alt text was not adequately generated in our BlackBoard LMS integration.

  • We have fixed a bug where hand-written formulae weren't filtered in CKEditor 5.

  • We have fixed a bug that prevented the modification of LaTeX formulae when editing them in CKEditor 5.

MathType for Wordpress v8.5.0 - September 2023

A minor release that restores MathType web compatibility with TinyMCE for Wordpress's current version. It fixes editor caret focus issues and a problem rendering formulas after editing.

What's fixed

  • A bug that incorrectly displayed the rendered formulas after being inserted.

  • A bug that prevented the MathType's modal window from being focused on the first open.

MathType for Oxygen XML Web Author v8.4.0 - September 2023

This version comes with a new feature that allows to configure different prefixes on XHTML files.

New features

We include the possibility to configure different prefixes on XHTML files.

MathType Integrations 8.5.0 - August 2023

This release of MathType Integrations comes with a new render engine that will improve how the equations are rendered.

There is also a significant effort in bug fixing.

New features

The new render engine comes with all these improvements:

  • You can download the package from NPM here. You will also find it in our integration services package or add the script in the HTML of the page.

  • Our new render engine is now retro-compatible with older integration versions.

  • This new render engine is open source, and you can find it in our Github repository wiris/html-integrations.

  • It has a dynamic configuration allowing you to change its parameters.

What's fixed

  • We have improved our handwritten formula parser to generate an exact MathML object than the editor formula parser.

  • Froala bug fixes:

    • When clicking on the ChemType button, it works as expected

    • When an image is loaded before or after a formula, it works as expected

  • CKEditor 4 bug fixes:

    • When clearing CKE4 contents right after inserting a formula, it works as expected

  • Fixed inline widgets and caret misbehavior.

  • Now preloaded formulas don't get misaligned when double-clicked.

  • ChemType formulas won't be generated in italic anymore. Only MathType formulas will.

  • CKEditor 5 integration runtime errors fixed on Vue.js projects.

MathType Integrations - 8.3.1 - May 2023

This new release is a hotfix version. It solves many bugs in our CKEditor5 integration reported by our customers. No new feature has been added.

What's fixed

We fixed the following bugs in our CKEditor5 integration:

  • When copying/pasting a formula along with a “line break”, the line break was removed. Now it persists.

  • When trying to edit a handwritten copy/paste formula by double-clicking it, it wasn't opened in handwriting mode. Now it is.

  • When dragging and dropping a formula from one instance of the editor to another, the formula wasn't editable. Now it is.

  • A memory leak was produced when destroying instances of our editor. The objects ClassicEditor and CKEditor5Integration weren't properly managed by the garbaged collector. Now they do, so the memory leak is gone.

  • Custom toolbars that added the “<” and “>” symbols corrupted formulas, so they couldn't be rendered appropriately. Now they do.

Mathtype Integrations 8.3.0 - May 2023

This new release is a minor version. It brings three new features along with the fix of many bugs. It also adds changes needed for the staging demos to work with the test automation. The features are:

  • Send custom headers to the API requests.

  • Globalization of the event handlers for opening and closing the editor.

  • A friendly message alerting the users that the editor is offline and needs an internet connection to work.

New features

  • The integration will trigger a friendly pop-up alert to notify the editor has gone offline.

  • The editor opening and closing event handlers have been exposed globally for them to be conveniently used.

  • This new version allows the user to add custom headers to the editor's requests.

What's Improved

  • Our staging server has been updated with changes to the test automation.

What's fixed

  • Bugfix: The formulas edited using ChemType won't add an extra blank space between the math and xmlns tags.

  • Bugfix: Now, the editor can insert an edited LaTeX formula when placed next to another rendered formula.

  • Bugfix: Narrow screens are now handled as mobile, so the editor applies the proper properties.

  • Bugfix: The integration for TinyMCE6 has been updated to handle the new TinyMCE API and pass the proper settings to the Wiris editor parameters. Consequently, our TinyMCE6 advanced options are functional back again.

MathType Integrations 8.2.0 - March 2023

With this release, we are going big on bug fixing, with more than 15 bugs solved.

What's fixed

  • We got our integration services updated to be compatible with PHP 8.1

  • Progressing in our automated test initiatives, we added a data-testid attribute in the interactable elements in the HTML-Integrations demos to work them in Cypress.

  • The old telemetry component has been removed from the Devkit.

  • A new telemetry class has been created in the Devkit to deal with Telemeter methods in our integrations.

  • We added new telemetry events to our HTML Integrations.

  • We removed the language configuration for consistency with the other editor demos, as it is already set in editorParameteres.

  • The technical demo for Froala had deprecated licensing messages activated. We removed them.

  • We fixed a null reference when editing editorParameteres.

  • We made the minimize and maximize modal buttons accessible via the tab.

  • An alternative text has been given to the MT and CT icons for accessibility.

  • The behavior of the “Cancel” and “Close” buttons of the editor and its confirmation modal has been fixed. It caused many focus/caret issues.

  • DOMPurify for CKEditor5 was configured to accept necessary semantics and annotation tags.

  • We have fixed internal issues when building TinyMCE demos.

  • Add xmlns attribute to default formulas.

  • When a Froala demo is opened, the editor is not focused by default, and we cannot insert formulas. Now we fixed that, and we can insert formulas at the beginning of the editor when this is not focused.

  • Solved internal issues when developing with the mono repository → The changes made on the devkit plugin were not applied when building the packages.

  • The front end applies the changes when using the wiris editor parameter language.

MathType for Oxygen XML Web Author v8.0.0 - January 2023

This release comes with a brand new MathType for Oxygen XML Web Author. You won't see changes in the design, but the backend is totally new. The most important improvement you will see is the performance, the MathType editor will work better and faster.

What's Improved

  • Improved performance in general.

  • Improved connectivity sockets instantiation.

What's fixed

  • Fixed known memory leaks.

  • The editor is now autofocused when opened.

MathType Integrations 8.1.1 - January 2023

This release is a hotfix. It fixes the current break in our Generic integration and the versioning/tagging issue in the project. It also sets the default language of the Generic demo in our staging server to English.

What's fixed

  • Our stating server Generic demo needed to be set to English by default.

  • The Generic demo works fine in all cases now

MathType Integrations 8.1.0 - December 2022

This release is a minor release. It brings a few bug fixes and the changes needed to work in our development staging server. Also, a few improvements to the development infrastructure have been added.

New features

Developed workflows to create and move demo artifacts into our development staging server.

What's Improved

Improvements to the development infrastructures have been added. This is in our development repositories.

What's fixed

  • Formulas have the expected behavior when dragged and dropped.

  • MathType and ChemType buttons react correctly to language changes.

MathType editor 7.17.0 - August 2021

Bug fixing release.

New Features

Added experimental monospace conversion button to the Publishers tab

What has been fixed

Various alignments and graphical interface bug fixes

MathType editor 7.19.2 - October 2022

Bug fixing.

What's fixed

  • [Mobile] - Long press of the toolbar buttons no longer shows the "save image" popup on the mobile browser.

  • Added 'fontSizes' parameter to customize the font size dropdown menu.

MathType Integrations 8.0.0 - September 2022 froala_logo.png tinymce_logo.png

We try to follow the most critical trends, and sometimes we must let go of some old stuff. That is why, from now on, we will not give support to the following versions of HTML Editors:

  • Froala 2 and 3

  • TinyMCE 4

We have changed our mono repository technology to work with NX instead of Lerna.

Also, some bugs have been solved for this new version.

New Features

  • Our mono repository technology will work from now in NX instead of working with Lerna. All packages and services have been migrated accordingly. A general clean-up of the repository has also been performed.

  • We have deprecated the integrations for TinyMCE4 and Froala 2 and 3. Froala integrations are now delivered through the @wiris/mathtype-froala package.

What's fixed

  • When you insert a cached formula, this formula will use the styles you are using, not the cached.

  • CKEditor 5 integration can now handle MathML with LaTeX code, even if it brings annotation tags.

  • Our mono repository demos will work now from "localhost" instead of "" to make them compatible with Windows developers.

  • Non-printable Unicode characters on variable names have been replaced.

MathType editor 7.18.2 - August 2022

Bugfixing release

What's fixed

  • Fixed certain mlongdiv elements not working with the mathml2accessible service

What's improved

  • MathType now has Finnish translations

  • Improved loading performance of STIX (Classic) fonts

MathType Integrations 7.31.0 - July 2022 tinymce_logo.png

Great news for MathType users in TinyMCE: we are now compatible with TinyMCE 6.1!


Note MathType is not fully compatible with TinyMCE 6.0. There was a bug in v6.0 that affected the normal use of MathType. In the 6.1 version, this issue is solved.

If you have TinyMCE 6.0 and you want to use MathType, please, upgrade to TinyMCE 6.1.

New features

Compatibility with TinyMCE 6.1.

MathType Integration 7.30.0 - July 2022

MathType is now compatible with PHP 8.0.


New Features

Compatibility with PHP 8.0.

MathType Integrations 7.29 - June 2022

Bugfixing release.

What's fixed

  • [Mobile] - MathType user experience in mobile is now fixed.

  • [CKEditor5] - Caret is now placed after the formula when there is a formula insertion.

  • [CKEditor5] - Caret is now placed after the formula at the beginning of the next content.

  • [TinyMCE 5] - [iPhone] - [Firefox] - When doing zoom out, in the MathType/ChemType Editor does not refresh the page anymore.

  • [Moodle] - Private PHP function made the linter raise false errors and provoked confusion. This doesn't happen anymore.

MathType editor 7.18.1 - May 2022

Bug fixing.

What's fixed

  • Fixed pasting images potentially not calling the correct recognition service URL.

  • Fixed accessibility service not handling long divisions with negative dividends correctly.

MathType Integrations 7.28.1 - May 2022

What's Improved

The accessibility text avoids now the styles of the equation.

MathType integrations v7.28.0 - March 2022

What's fixed

  • Fix error when inserting a modified formula and the cancel button was pressed. 

  • Destroy events from CKEditor5Integration when CK5 is destroyed. 

  • Solve Parser not working on Generic Integrations. 

  • Fix wrapping issue when converting Latex to MathML without the Wiris render script. 

  • Fix Angular + Froala (v3 & v4) treating Wiris formulas as images.

  • Accept non-standard ports to host. 

  • Fix toolbar Wiris buttons static label issue on CKEditor5.  

  • Start sending data to Cypress Dashboard with the published packages. 

  • Remove jest completely from the project.

  • Update third-party libraries to fix vulnerabilities.

What's fixed

  • The Redo button issue in TinyMCE 4 and 5.

  • HTML Editors get the keyboard focus back after closing the MathType Editor.

MathType editor 7.18.0 - March 2022

Internal bug fixing.

MathType editor 7.17.1 - December 2021

Bugfixing and improving security.

What's Improved

Improve protection against XXE attacks in .NET server components.

What's fixed

Fixed invalid MathML potentially being output when applying several styles to a mfenced.

MathType integrations 7.27.1 - October 2021

This version includes support to Froala 4.x and minor changes to the MathType Integrations & SDK

#Froala #MathType Integrations #html-integrations

  • Support to the new major version of Froala

  • Improved MathType Froala packages and demos README

  • General improvements on the examples for developers

  • Fixes pre-render formulas in Froala 3 on React

  • Updated angular version to 12 on CKEditor5, Froala and TinyMCE5 demos

MathType integrations 7.27.0 - September 2021

Mainly bug fixing release.

#html-integrations #Moodle

  • [HTML] - Updated docs for CKEditor 5 demo with local packages

  • [HTML] - CKEditor 5 HTML5 demo now can load local packages.

  • [HTML] - Focus works properly in TinyMCE when the Cancel button is pressed

  • [HTML] - npm to GitHub all packages published

  • [HTML] - The superscript elements now move to subscript

  • [HTML] - Now you are able to modify the formula in read-only mode

  • [HTML] - Solved several formula resizing problems

  • [HTML] - Solved removeImgDataAttribute function errors when accessing an empty element object

  • [HTML] - Fixed LaTeX rendering to behave strangely with the "<" character and spaces

  • [HTML] - Fixed redo button problems in rich text toolbar when there is Wiris in content

  • [HTML] - Fixed compatibility issues with Internet Explorer on CKEditor 4

  • [HTML] - Fixed MathType editor close behavior by pressing the “ESC” key when Hand is displayed

  • [HTML] - Fixed render of LaTex formula when pasted from an excel’s cell as a source

  • [Moodle] - Fixed Equations are not saved, when giving feedback

  • [Moodle] - Fixed MathType and ChemType paths are incorrect

  • [Moodle] - Fixed Hebrew translation to Accept button

  • [Moodle] - Fixed conflict HTML sources editor

  • [Moodle] - Fixed an outdated reference to the MathType Web Integration JavaScript SDK that raised dependency security warning

MathType editor 7.16.1 - June 2021

Bug fixing release.

What has been’s fixed

Fixed left/right notations sometimes getting displayed incorrectly in RTL mode. According to the MathML standard, only the phasor angle and the radical symbols are affected by directionality.

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