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VPAT for MathType 7

WIRIS Accessibility Conformance Report International Edition (Based on VPAT® Version 2.4)

MathType interface VPAT

Name of product/version

MathType for Office Tools - MathType 7 for Windows and Mac

Product description

MathType 7 is a powerful equation editor for Windows and Mac included in MathType for Office Tools suite that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, presentations, and many of your other favorite applications.


June 2021

Contact information


MathType is a non-web application that allows users to create equation images in several formats. When integrated with Microsoft Word, it also allows creating web content containing equation images from a Word document. In consequence, requirements labeled in the standards included in this report as "Software" or "Authoring tool" apply to MathType

You can find MathType support documentation at Thus, requirements labeled as "Support Docs" also apply to MathType

In order to ease the reading of this report, each cell in the column "Conformance Level" and "Remarks and Explanations" is divided in three rows, corresponding to the three scopes of applicable requirements: "Software", "Authoring tool" and "Support Docs".

Requirements related to "Web", "Closed Functionality Software", "non-web document" or "Product Docs" don't apply because MathType is not a web application, it is not a closed functionality software, and all its documentation is web.

"Voluntary Product Accessibility Template" and "VPAT" are registered service marks of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI).

Evaluation Methods Used: Visual inspection using assistive technologies. Testing is based on general product knowledge.