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Start Menu/Applications folder

When MathType is installed on Windows, a MathType 7 submenu is added to the Windows Start menu. When MathType is installed on a Mac, a MathType 7 folder is added to the Applications folder. These locations contain the following items:

  • MathType 7 – Runs the MathType application.

  • MathType 7 Server (Windows only) – Runs the MathType application in server mode. See Server dialog.

  • Remove MathType 7 (Windows), or Uninstall MathType 7 (Mac) – Removes the MathType application and supporting files from your computer. See Removing MathType.

  • Equation Conversion Manager (Windows only) – Controls the kinds of equations for which MathType will be the designated editor. See Equation Conversion Manager.

  • MathType 7 Help – Opens this documentation at the intro screen. On a Mac, you can access the documentation from within the product; there isn't a separate entry in the Applications folder.