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Installing MathType 7 for Windows and Mac

System Requirements



Windows 7 and newer, including Windows 10

Mac OS X El Capitan and newer, including macOS Mojave (Catalina users see warning below)

If using MathType with Pages ( on macOS 10.14 Mojave, please make sure that you are using Pages 7.3, Keynote 8.3, and Numbers 5.3 or later. If not, please update to these versions.

If using MathType with Microsoft Office it must be

Office 2007 or newer, including Office 2019 and Office 365

Office 2011 or newer (version 15.39 or newer), including Office 2019 and Office 365. For Office 201


MathType with macOS 10.15 Catalina: Please see our information page for using MathType with Catalina.


Download MathType 7

To install MathType exit MathType Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, then run the MathType Setup Program by double-clicking the file you downloaded. This file will be named MathType-mac-en.pkg for Mac and MathType-win-<lang>.exe for Windows, where <lang> is the 2-letter code for the language you downloaded.

To complete the installation, follow the instructions in MathType Setup dialogs.

Evaluation mode

You can Evaluate MathType for 30 days by choosing that option after installation. The full version of MathType will be installed, and you will enjoy the same functionality as the unlocked version.

When you open MathType during the trial period, a dialog will appear showing the number of days remaining in your trial:


You may also manually check the number of days remaining, by going to MathType Help menu (only in MathType itself, not on the MathType tab in Word) and clicking About:


You can unlock MathType at any time with a valid product key, without reinstalling.

Activate the product

You may activate MathType either from the MathType window itself, or from the MathType tab in Word. After installation, when you first open MathType you will have the opportunity to enter your product key if you have purchased one, or to begin a 30-day trial if you don't have a product key:


Activating during the evaluation period

If you are evaluating the product and later want to activate it with a purchased product key, choose the Unlock/Register MathType command on MathType Help menu (not on the MathType tab in Word, but in MathType itself) and enter the product key into the dialog that opens.

The product key is on the payment confirmation web page and also in the order confirmation email you received.

  • Once you've obtained a product key, enter your information.

  • In order to receive free technical support and important notices, register your copy of MathType by entering your email and ensuring the check box that allows the installer to send your information to WIRIS is selected.


To activate from Word: After clicking the Unlock/Register MathType command in Word, you will arrive here on this documentation page. To actually unlock and/or register MathType, go back to the MathType tab in Word and click Inline to open MathType. Then in MathType's Help menu, click Unlock/Register. Choosing that command from MathType itself rather than from Word will allow you to proceed as described below.


Expired MathType trial

Once the evaluation period has expired, most MathType functions are deactivated. When you open MathType you will get this notice:


If you choose to Continue in deactivated mode, your options are limited:

  • One thing you cannot do in deactivated mode is edit the equation.

  • One thing you can do is to open MathType Cut and Copy Preferences and choose a text format (LaTeX or MathML). You may copy the equation in one of those formats and paste it elsewhere. The reason this feature remains enabled is it allows you to continue using your equations elsewhere, perhaps in a WordPress web page or blog, or in an LMS such as Canvas or D2L.

  • If you're in Word, you may convert the equation to a Word equation. When you double-click an equation in the document, you'll see this dialog:


    If you click Cancel, you're returned to the document and nothing is changed. If you click Yes, MathType will convert the equation into an OMML (i.e., MS Office) equation, allowing you to continue using your equation and editing it if you need to. If you click No and "Continue in deactivated mode", you'll see the equation opened in MathType but with no toolbars:


    Proceed as described in the second bullet above.

If your license expires

You'll find more information about this subject on the Using MathType page, but if your MathType license expires it will behave as if it were an expired 30-day trial. You can re-activate MathType by purchasing a new product key from the Wiris Store.

MathType setup dialog

This dialog allows you to either install MathType or remove an existing MathType installation. If you're installing for the first time the Remove button will be disabled.


Click this option to install MathType to the folder shown in the Destination Folder box.

Destination Folder

Use this area to change the folder on your hard disk where Setup will install most of MathType files. Use the Browse button to navigate to a folder. Setup will also install fonts and system files into appropriate system folders on your hard disk.

Click OK to begin the installation process. Click Exit to terminate Setup and abort the installation.


Click this option to remove MathType from the folder shown in the Remove MathType 7 from box.

Remove MathType from

Use this box to choose which folder on your hard disk Setup will remove MathType from. Use the Browse button to navigate to a folder.

Click OK to begin the removal process. Click Exit to close Setup and abort the removal.

Installing over an older version

MathType 5/6.x and MathType cannot be installed simultaneously, and MathType installation process removes MathType 5/6.x You'll still be able to exchange documents containing MathType 5/6.x equations as the equations are fully compatible.

If you're currently using an earlier version (3.x or before) you have the option of overwriting it or installing MathType into another folder. The decision as to whether or not to replace your old version of MathType with a new one is one you should consider carefully.

Overwriting an old version of MathType

If you choose to overwrite the older version of MathType any equations you created with the old version will be automatically updated to the new version of MathType whenever you edit them. Normally, this is what you want as it lets you use the features of the new version of MathType when editing your equations.

If you send documents containing equations to your friends and associates, converting equations to the new version is not a problem unless:

  • They need to edit the equations (viewing and printing are not a problem), and

  • They do not have the new version of MathType 7 and are not willing to upgrade.

If both of the above are true, leave the old version of MathType 7 installed. This way, when you edit old equations the old version of MathType 7 will be invoked. When you create new equations, you will have your choice of using the old or new version of MathType 7

Removing the application

To remove MathType do one of the following:


  • Choose Remove MathType from the MathType sub-menu of the Windows Start menu or,

  • Choose Control Panel from the Windows Start menu, then Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features or Apps and Features), then choose MathType from the list of removable applications.


  • In a Finder window, go to Applications/MathType and run the Uninstall MathType application.

This will run MathType 7 Setup with the Remove option pre-selected. Follow the instructions presented in Setup's dialogs.

Checking for the latest version

MathType supports both automatic and manual checking to find out if a newer version of MathType 7 is available. The checks access the latest MathType version information via your Internet connection. After checking the version, a dialog will be displayed letting you know the results of the comparison.

MathType will normally perform this check once a month. If you want to check more often, manually choose the Check for Latest Version Now… command whenever you want to check for a newer version. This command is in MathType Help menu, under MathType on the Web. Note this is not on the MathType tab in Word; it is in MathType itself.

If there isn't a newer version of MathType available, the version check may occasionally display information about other Wiris products that have been released. If you'd prefer not to see these, either click the Don't show me this again checkbox in the message, or uncheck the Show Tips command on the MathType on the Web sub-menu of the Help menu. Note this is not on the MathType tab in Word; it is in MathType itself. Screen shot below is from Windows, but it's the same in Mac.