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Compatibility with Equation Editor

Even though Microsoft and several other companies have stopped including our Equation Editor with Microsoft Office and other products, many people still have a copy of Equation Editor, either from Microsoft Word or from another product (Corel WordPerfect, etc.). For various reasons, it's not possible to provide full compatibility between these versions of Equation Editor and MathType However, there is a way of using MathType that provides a better solution.

Collaborating with Equation Editor users

If you are collaborating with colleagues and the document contains Equation Editor equations, you will be able to edit these equations with MathType 7 but unless your colleagues also have MathType 7 they cannot edit the equations. As described earlier, anyone may download MathType from our website for a 30-day trial. This is the full version, and for 30 days you or a collaborator can use it free of charge. Its functionality is not limited in any way. After the trial period has ended, MathType 7 will no longer function, but its fonts will remain. Equations will remain readable and printable, but you cannot edit them without MathType