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Using MathType with WPS Writer/Kingsoft Writer

WPS Writer is a word processor that supports a widespread Windows standard for linking and embedding objects called Object Linking and Embedding (OLE). Since MathType equations are natively OLE objects, MathType and WPS Writer work well together. If you are using Kingsoft Writer, the instructions are the same as below for WPS Writer.

Add an equation to WPS Writer

To add a MathType equation to WPS Writer, click the Insert Equation icon on the toolbar: insert_equation.gif if you're using the Classic Style skin. If you're using a different skin, the Equation button is on the Insert tab: ee_icon.gif. Create your equation in the MathType editing window. Close MathType and your equation will be saved in the document. If you prefer, you can also copy an equation from MathType and paste it into WPS Writer.


Note: If you click one of the buttons described above, and Equation Editor opens instead of MathType, close Equation Editor and MathType (if it's open). Run the Equation Conversion Manager, making sure WPS Equation 3.0 is on the left side of the dialogue. Close the Equation Conversion Manager and try again to insert an equation.

Copy equations from WPS Writer

Select an equation by clicking once on it, then copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop it into an open MathType window. You can then use it just as you would any MathType equation.

Edit equations in WPS Writer

Since OLE remembers that MathType was used to create the equation, double-clicking it opens the equation in MathType for editing. After you have finished your changes, closing the window will update the equation in your document.