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MathType Integrations - 8.3.1 - May 2023

This new release is a hotfix version. It solves many bugs in our CKEditor5 integration reported by our customers. No new feature has been added.

What's fixed

We fixed the following bugs in our CKEditor5 integration:

  • When copying/pasting a formula along with a “line break”, the line break was removed. Now it persists.

  • When trying to edit a handwritten copy/paste formula by double-clicking it, it wasn't opened in handwriting mode. Now it is.

  • When dragging and dropping a formula from one instance of the editor to another, the formula wasn't editable. Now it is.

  • A memory leak was produced when destroying instances of our editor. The objects ClassicEditor and CKEditor5Integration weren't properly managed by the garbaged collector. Now they do, so the memory leak is gone.

  • Custom toolbars that added the “<” and “>” symbols corrupted formulas, so they couldn't be rendered appropriately. Now they do.