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MathType Integrations

MathType Integrations include ready-to-use plugins, or a SDK to integrate in any other environment. In any case, MathType is integrated in a third-party environment. These are the ready-to-use integrations for MathTypeby WIRIS:

  • HTML editors: TinyMCE, CKeditor, Froala.

  • XML editors: OxygenXML.

Integrations for FontoXML and Xeditor are also available, but WIRIS is not the author, so they are out of the scope of this report.

The integrations include a button or any other mechanism which launches a window (or similar) where the MathType web editor is embedded. The equation image created is also integrated in the third-party environment.

WIRIS doesn’t have the same control over the different integrations, so this report covers:

  • accessibility features for MathType web editor for all WIRIS integrations (ready-to-use or custom)

  • accessibility features for the MathType Web integration environments which are responsibility of WIRIS: HTML and XML editors

  • accessibility features of MathType equation images in the integration environments which are responsibility of WIRIS: TinyMCE, CKeditor, Froala, OxygenXML.

MathType as a web-based application and as an authoring tool

MathType as a web-based application has these main features:

  • Creating/Editing math equations.

MathType lets you edit math equation using two editing modes:

  • Classic input mode uses symbols and templates from MathType's toolbar, combining them to build the equation.

  • Handwritten input mode lets you write the equation in your own handwriting. This input mode is an alternative input mode for the classic input. It is not intended to be used by users without vision or limited manipulation.

MathType as an authoring tool generates these products:

  • Equation images.

MathType for LMS VPAT

In order to ease the reading of this report, each cell in the column “Conformance Level” and “Remarks and Explanations” is divided in two rows, corresponding to applicable requirements scopes “Web” and “Authoring tool”. For the third applicable scope, “Support Documentation”, you can find MathType Support Documentation VPAT at the VPAT index.

Requirements related to “Software”, “Closed Functionality Software”, “non-web document” or “Product Docs” don’t apply because MathType is a web-based application, it is not a closed functionality software, and all its documentation is web.

VPAT report revisions

This revision

  • updates to VPAT® Version 2.4 and includes WCAG 2.1 criteria

  • builds a single document for MathType Integrations

Evaluation Methods Used: Visual inspection using assistive technologies. Testing is based on general product knowledge.

Applicable Standards/Guidelines

This report covers the degree of conformance for the following accessibility standard/guidelines: