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Server application, source file, or item can’t be found error

TechNote 102


The information on this page applies to:

MathType for Windows

Microsoft Equation Editor (aka "Microsoft Equation 3.0")

All supported versions of Windows


Users may receive this error message when double-clicking an equation inserted in a Word document or PowerPoint presentation:


You may also (but not always) receive this message when trying to insert a MathType equation:


...or this message:



This behaviour may occur if your anti-virus software is outdated or if equations have become corrupted.


  1. Upgrade your anti-virus software to that version supported by your Office version or to the latest version available.

  2. If your AV software is up to date and the same error occurs, the equations are corrupted and will need to be re-created.


We hope this has been helpful. As always, please let us know if you have questions about this or if you have additional techniques that work. We'd love to hear from you.