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WirisQuizzes previous release notes

Releases WirisQuizzes services 4.2.5 - March 2021

Plugin suite for Moodle bugs fixing release

  • Fixed rendering when the question field has been deleted.

  • Fixed rendering when WirisQuizzes do not support a language.

  • Fixed opening the studio and leaving the empty resulted in infinitely many requests to the service over time.

  • Added Give feedback button.

  • Hided unsupported "mathematically equal" option in text syntax.

Releases WirisQuizzes 4.2.3/4 - February 2021

  • WirisQuizzes 4 for Moodle (integration v4.2.3). This version includes the new Studio interface and the Graphical Answer features!What's new in WirisQuizzes 4

  • We have released a minor release, "WirisQuizzes Commons question type", Moodle plugin update (v4.2.4), to fix the bug that prevented the diagnostics page (info.php) properly.

Releases WirisQuizzes 4.2.1/2 - January 2021

Bug fixing release

Bugs and minor improvements

  • Under the hood, changes to better adapt the feedback API to the Moodle integration.

  • Enables element names in graphical answer’s Graph.

  • Includes code that enables graphical answers in level 3 getting started for Java and PHP.

Releases WirisQuizzes 3.78.4 - December 2020

This version includes a patch for a bug that in some occasions prevented the rest of the WirisQuizzes elements from being properly shown in the review of an attempt if the student left blank a compound answer.

Releases WirisQuizzes integration 4.2.0 - November 2020

Features and improvements

  • Generic demo translated to French.

  • Improved performance for the generic demo: answer fields (MathType and Graph) load faster; the cloze demo is now usable.

  • Releases Graphical Answer for server technologies (Java, PHP).

  • Enlarges Wiris Graph component.

  • Variables can be used now in the "Compound answer" label.

  • American units + Non-SI units (atm, M, etc.)

  • Using a syntax such as #a(subindex)1 when a is a vector will now show the first component of the vector a (also works with matrices and two indexes).

  • "Compare as sets" checkbox has been separated into three possible options, including the intermediate possibility "order does not matter, but repetition does", used, for instance, to deal with polynomial roots.


  • Fixed broken plotters in the generic demo.

  • Fixes Level 1 Authoring MathType lacks the right reserved words or syntax highlighting.

  • Quite many other minor fixes to polish WirisQuizzes 4.

Releases WirisQuizzes 3.78.4 - November 2020

WirisQuizzes plugins for Moodle. This version adds compatibility with Moodle 3.9 and 3.10. We have also updated the latest release of the MathType plugins for Moodle to reflect their compatibility with Moodle 3.10.

Releases WirisQuizzes integration 4.2.0 - September 2020

New version of the WirisQuizzes service (4.2.0). It includes some minor fixes

Releases 3.78.2 - April 2020


  • PHP 7.4 compatibility.

  • Additional information on the behaviour of separators in CalcMe.

Releases 3.78.1 - February 2020


  • Calls made to the server will now log the local data parameters used in the question.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • Log auxiliary text input usage.

  • Added a link to the WirisQuizzes 4 docs landing page in old Studio.

Releases 3.78.0 - November/December 2019


  • Fixed AlgorithmBanner bug that banned algorithms incorrectly in some cases when a lot of concurrent connections were received.

  • Standardization of the WirisQuizzes service response codes.

  • Some bug fixing regarding the integration of CalcMe output options in WirisQuizzes .

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1339] - Default Application Settings in some Question Types.

  • [QUIZZES-1384] - Times operator setting.

  • [QUIZZES-1391] - Fix Algorithm Banner concurrency issue.

  • [QUIZZES-1340] - Propagate licenseId parameter to dependencies.

  • [QUIZZES-1365] - Send generic cause for stats in requests.

  • [QUIZZES-1375] - Return 500 from Quizzes service on errors.

  • [QUIZZES-1376] - Throw Exception instead of Error from SAXParser.

  • [QUIZZES-1377] - Simplify quizzes service input.

  • [QUIZZES-1396] - Set stats data as question request metadata.

Releases 3.77.2 - October 2019


  • Bug fixing release & a minor improvement on hyperbolic arc functions.


  • [QUIZZES-1325] - Hyperbolic arc functions are now reserved words

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1255] - Superfluous reserved words have been removed.

  • [QUIZZES-1323] - Two inline studios can now be inserted on the same page without conflict.

  • [QUIZZES-1338] - Compatibility with PHP 7.2 has been fixed.

  • [QUIZZES-1342] - CalcMe output options are not well selected in Multiple Choice Questions.

  • [QUIZZES-1310] - Prepare quizzes requests to set stats headers.

  • [QUIZZES-1329] - Make grammar aware when nonterminals inside XML tags.

  • [QUIZZES-1333] - Adapt Getting Started tests to new features.

  • [QUIZZES-1350] - Deploy WirisQuizzes service using new preproduction server.

Releases 3.77.1 - September 2019


  • [QUIZZES-1315] - [Output Options] Improved message about the change of location.


  • [QUIZZES-1315] - [Output Options] Improved message about the change of location.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1316] - [Output Options] Questions with CalcMe algorithms work in getting started.

  • [QUIZZES-1317] - [Output Options] Translated Output options from CAS algorithms to CalcMe .

  • [QUIZZES-1318] - When translating a CAS algorithm to CalcMe , the CAS algorithm is still displayed and editable in Studio.

  • [QUIZZES-1319] - [Output Options] Changed Output Options from an "initial Content" CalcMe .

  • [QUIZZES-1320] - Defined a CalcMe algorithm in gs level3 php (or .net).

  • [QUIZZES-1298] - Use git hash as the version number.

Releases 3.77.0 - July 2019


The main features of those releases are:

New Feature

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1303] - Included graphics in the question statement or feedback.

  • [QUIZZES-1305] - CalcMe labels not disappear in the question statement

  • [QUIZZES-1307] - Graph size is not doubled in mobile devices.

Releases 3.74/3.75/3.76 - February, April & May 2019


The main features of those releases are:

  • CalcMe as the default algorithm in WirisQuizzes Studio using CalcMe to edit the question algorithm is no longer displayed as an experimental feature, now it is the default option and users are encouraged to use it.

  • API that supports student reasoning explanation: the generic integration API has been adapted. Each platform can allow the teacher to provide a text editor (enriched with the MathType plugin) to the student to explain what led them to the answer. It is displayed in the getting started demo for JS.

New Features

  • [QUIZZES-1284] - Provide an auxiliary text input to the student.


  • [QUIZZES-1256] - Make CalcMe the default algorithm editor.

  • [QUIZZES-1285] - [Accessibility] Recovered alt attribute in img of class wirismathml.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1259] - Made a redirect to put a trailing slash at root.

  • [QUIZZES-1290] - Fixed Hand traces MathML annotation that broke evaluation.

  • [QUIZZES-1291] - Equivalent equations setting work now properly with a simple inequation.

  • [QUIZZES-1239] - Fixed issue about questions with auxiliary CalcMe

Release 3.73 - January 2019


Mainly bug fixing release & minor new features and improvements.


  • [QUIZZES-1217] - Added auxiliary CalcMe to the WirisQuizzes API.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1235] - Resolved issue with function plots containing the number e.

  • [QUIZZES-1236] - Added significant figures in scientific notation.

  • [QUIZZES-1238] - Fixed: Graphical Answer Data Spec.

Release 3.72 - December 2018


Mainly bug fixing release & minor new features and improvements.

New Features

  • [QUIZZES-1179] - Allow uppercase L for liter.

  • [CAS-661] - Explicit solution of Logistic differential equation.


  • [QUIZZES-1216] - Redirect documentation links to the correct language.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1209] - Fixed particular case with comparison in one digit of tolerance.

  • [QUIZZES-1214] - Fixed case in simplified assertion with complex exponentials.

  • [QUIZZES-1215] - Fixed a case incorrect evaluation in Preview tab of WirisQuizzes.

  • [QUIZZES-1230] - Fixed parsing of angle minute and angle second.

  • [CAS-732] - Explicit solution of Logistic differential equation - Duplicate.

  • [CAS-1227] - Fix "Division by zero" error compared to one decimal digit tolerance.

  • [CAS-1228] - GCD with complex numbers.

  • [CAS-1230] - Solve trigonometric definite integral.

  • [CAS-1231] - Correctly plot trigonometric functions in degrees.

  • [CAS-1232] - Explicit solution of Logistic differential equation.

  • [CAS-1233] - Discard false numeric solutions on horizontal asymptotes in CalcMe

  • [CAS-1234] - Set legacy function normal(x) to be precisely equal to the standard random variable.

Release 3.71 - November 2018


Mainly bug fixing release & minor new improvement.


  • [QUIZZES-1196] - WirisQuizzes Getting Started index for small screens.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1197] - Parameter answer in student's feedback strange behaviour.

  • [QUIZZES-1207] - Compound answer in student's feedback working correctly.

  • [QUIZZES-1213] - Bug in WirisQuizzes from HTTPS.

  • [QUIZZES-1218] - "Is simplified" support for expressions with plus-minus.

  • [QUIZZES-1198] - [LTI] Support for student override of time/date.

  • [QUIZZES-1199] - [LTI] login as a student and review an attempt.

  • [QUIZZES-1210] - [LTI] Prevent teachers from changing the "Group Mode" activity option.

Release 3.70/3.70.1 - 2018 October


The main features of those releases are:

  • LTI integration improvements regarding manual regrade sync and course backups.

  • Improvements in units of measure.

  • Implemented reconfigurability of WirisQuizzes SDK in JavaScript.


  • [QUIZZES-1154] - Find resources URL by inspecting the script tag.

  • [QUIZZES-1160] - Fix decimal number decimal places as assertion displayed incorrectly.

  • [QUIZZES-1183] - [LTI] We now send the outcome after a manual grade override, so when the teacher overrides the grade of a question through the review page, the rate is immediately synced in Canvas.

  • [QUIZZES-1195] - [LTI] Allow teachers to back up and restore their courses.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1213] - Fixed bug preventing quizzes from loading in HTTPS.

  • [QUIZZES-1175] - Fixed degrees validation.

  • [QUIZZES-1176] - CalcMe now properly loads translations for the answer variable.

  • [QUIZZES-1180] - Fixed labels in plotters

  • [CAS-1207] - The square root of the Gray unit is now properly simplified to m/s

  • [CAS-1208] - Fixed the inverse trigonometric functions of dimensionless unit quantity

  • [CAS-1209] - Fixed unit simplification when evaluating the argument of a function

  • [CAS-1224] - Fixed Hertz definition and conversion

Release 3.69 - 2018 September



Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1153] - Fixed decimal places tolerance fails.

  • [QUIZZES-1181] - Fixed tolerance issues in Quantity mode.

  • [QUIZZES-1162] - [LTI] Fixed wrong Wiris CAS algorithm shown on the preview image.

  • [QUIZZES-1165] - Fixed wrong grading function in WirisQuizzes Service.

  • [QUIZZES-1167] - Fixed error in a Compound question using equivalent equations and a line jump.

  • [QUIZZES-1172] - Fixed problem with an algorithm translation from WIRIS CAS to CalcMe

  • [QUIZZES-1182] - Fixed issues with some units (V, MC, F, S).

  • [QUIZZES-1184] - Fixed exception in plotters at WirisQuizzes Service.

Release 3.68 - 2018 September


  • [QUIZZES-1089] - WirisQuizzes back-end for LTI is now able to get language configuration from the LTI client (e.g. Canvas), so they match if the lang package is present in our LTI provider.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1063] - Cloze questions feedback (tick, cross) no longer mismatch the question evaluation.

  • [QUIZZES-1087] - Tables created directly in the editor (e.g. “{1,2,3}”) now are correctly rendered.

  • [QUIZZES-1151] - Fixed a bug related to importing Studio configuration into different WirisQuizzes question type (e.g. compound short answer to cloze). Now we convert those properly.

  • [QUIZZES-1152] - Fixed issue with variable “answer” and algorithm language change.

  • [QUIZZES-1159] - Improved our detection of an excessive user of our services (spammers, wrong tests and monitors) and banning policy.

  • [QUIZZES-1161] - Disabled nudging in the editor.

Release 3.67 - 2018 August


Mainly a bug fixing release.


  • [MOODLE-550] - Complex formulas now work with Multichoice inside Cloze question type.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [MOODLE-552] - Fixed: Error importing Moodle 1.9 backup into 3.x.

  • [MOODLE-553] - Fixed: Error importing WIRIS CAS sessions from Moodle 1.9 backup into 3.x.

  • [QUIZZES-1124] - Fixed: Syntax error with sqrt of the unit.

  • [QUIZZES-1138] - Fixed: Text mode bug in the studio.

  • [QUIZZES-1139] - Fixed: tolerance/precision warnings not working.

  • [QUIZZES-1141] - Fixed: Strange behaviour of including content.

  • [QUIZZES-1147] - Now clicking Enter in the Studio launcher submits the complete form.

Release 3.66 - 2018 July


Mainly a bug fixing release. We now return an empty string (instead of empty MathML) when the answer is empty to differentiate between incorrect answers and not-answered questions.


  • [QUIZZES-1116] - Return empty string on empty MathML in the answer.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1101] - Fixed Help button lousy positioning.

  • [QUIZZES-1102] - Question summary now correctly displays tolerance related options (QUIZZES-1102) and assertions (QUIZZES-1103).

  • [QUIZZES-1105] - Prevent WirisQuizzes Studio from crashing in the Preview tab on Internet Explorer 11.

  • [QUIZZES-1106] - Tolerance settings are also applied when a student's answer is an integer.

  • [QUIZZES-1126] - Help <div> was wrongly placed in Quizzes Getting started demos.

  • [QUIZZES-1127] - The test button is no longer disabled in WirisQuizzes Getting started demos when using Hand.

  • [QUIZZES-1129] - CalcMe now inherits WirisQuizzes Studio language.

Release 3.65 - 2018 June


Some exciting improvements: Plus-minus operator is now supported in WirisQuizzes. Also, it is forbidden for the students to edit the review page. Help links of the product have been changed to point to the new documentation site.

New Features


  • [QUIZZES-480] - Grading the plus/minus sign.

  • [QUIZZES-524] - Forbid editing in review.

  • [QUIZZES-1090] - Scroll down on "Try CalcMe".

  • [QUIZZES-1094] - Change help links so they point to new documentation pages.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [MOODLE-533] - Fixed short answer in cloze with non-text answers.

  • [MOODLE-534] - Answers locked (read-only) in Moodle attempt review.

  • [QUIZZES-218] - In Quantity (1,2,3) is 1.2*0.3. instead of syntax error.

  • [QUIZZES-1062] - Fixed: Correct answer is marked as wrong when plain input text.

  • [QUIZZES-1064] - Fixed: More than one fraction in compound answer in quantity mode throws a syntax error.

  • [QUIZZES-1065] - Fixed: epsilon from algorithm and editor is different.

  • [QUIZZES-1084] - Fixed repeating decimals with the compound answer.

  • [QUIZZES-1093] - Fixed: Answer with space before a set is marked wrong.

Release 3.64 - 2018 April


  • [QUIZZES-1071]: [Canvas] Improved security of manager user.

  • [QUIZZES-1076] : [Canvas] Sync open/close dates.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [MOODLE-535] - [Moodle] Fixed: Finish review pages show "Answer saved" even when empty for embedded editor questions.

  • [MOODLE-536] - [Moodle] Fixed error on quiz with several compound answers.

Release 3.63 - 2018 March

New features


  • [QUIZZES-941] - Improved mathematical equivalence for logarithms and roots

  • [QUIZZES-1045] - CalcMe added as an auxiliary calculator for the student.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [QUIZZES-1039] - Fixed "has minimal radicands" assertion when mixing integers and variables.

  • [QUIZZES-1043] - Fixed vectors for different MathML structures.

  • [QUIZZES-1047] - Fixed issue using "answer" as an answer variable name.

  • [QUIZZES-1048] - Fixed "is simplified" for "empty set" answers.

  • [QUIZZES-1058] - Fixed Exception in Quizzes service (scalar product).

  • [QUIZZES-1068] - Fixed Import/Export in WirisQuizzes Studio doesn't work in JavaScript.

Release 3.62 - 2018 February


Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-1015 - Fixed constructions in Graph plotters.

  • QUIZZES-1019 - Remove "algorithm language" from WirisQuizzes Studio when using CalcMe.

  • QUIZZES-1041 - Translate Wiris CAS session to English when setting CalcMe in the studio.

  • QUIZZES-1034 - Help button added to the Wiris CAS /CalcMelauncher.

  • QUIZZES-1042 - Compatibility between WirisQuizzes UI & toolkit UI APIs.

  • QUIZZES-1046 - Product name changed to WirisQuizzes.

Release 3.61 - 2018 January

New Features

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-1014 - Added matrix support for WebWork.

  • QUIZZES-1009 - CalcMe early integration.

  • QUIZZES-1005 - Resources don't get updated on a new version

Release 3.60 - 2017 December

New Features

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-989 - Fixed bug with the Canvas LTI integration and Safari/Mac.

  • QUIZZES-1006 - Fixed global the rule in wirisquizzes.css, causing conflicts.

Release 3.59 - 2017 November

New Features

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-996 - Fixed grade passback missing parameters in Canvas LTI.

  • QUIZZES-998 - Fixed bug in omega translator for some variables.

Release 3.58 - 2017 October

New Features

  • QUIZZES-933 - Create new quizzes via LTI (without Moodle login).

  • QUIZZES-962 - Synchronize LTI Courses.


  • QUIZZES-982 - Increase editor's size when input interface is handwriting.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-975 - Fixed determinant symbol in Spanish.

  • QUIZZES-978 - Fixed Getting Started for .Net under CloudFront.

  • QUIZZES-983 - Exclude referer header from Javascript.

  • QUIZZES-987 - Fixed eventual errors sending the grade back to Canvas.

Release 3.57 - 2017 September

New Features

  • QUIZZES-967 - Hide hidden or deleted quizzes in LTI select window.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-974 - Fixed wrong visual feedback (tick/cross) when the answer is correct Cloze.

  • QUIZZES-965 - Fixed grading function fails for blank answers in a compound.

  • QUIZZES-702 - Fixed correct answer input when given " " question.

  • QUIZZES-972 - Fixed service exception with "literally equal" assertion and empty answer.

  • QUIZZES-968 - Fixed "parameter answer1".

  • QUIZZES-950 - Fixed issues using newEvalRequest.

  • QUIZZES-973 - ContentChangeStarted listener set in the embedded editor in the studio.

  • QUIZZES-976 - Fixed CasMathML2Omega with products of some symbols.

Release 3.55/ 3.56 - 2017 August

New Features

  • QUIZZES-926 - QUIZZES LTI Launcher.

  • QUIZZES-934 - Centralised online license provider.


  • QUIZZES-957 - QUIZZES-954, QUIZZES-960 - Improvements to Canvas integration.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-890 - New studio design mockup.

  • QUIZZES-868 - Fix alignment issue with automatic table expansion.

  • QUIZZES-906 - Load correct answer in the preview tab in standalone studio JS.

  • QUIZZES-921 - Fix for algorithms that were returning out of memory error.

  • QUIZZES-939 - Fix false syntax error: log_10^(x)^2.

  • QUIZZES-942 - Fixed bug where certain variables were not replaced.

  • QUIZZES-944 - Fix for exception occurrence from quizzes service.

  • QUIZZES-951 - Use correct grammar for syntax checking in WeBWorK.

  • QUIZZES-953 - Fix absolute value expressions not being detected with check_simplified.

  • QUIZZES-959 - Fix bug with identity matrix button.

  • QUIZZES-965 - Fix compound questions receiving no marks with a blank answer in the grading function.

Release 3.54 - 2017 July


QUIZZES-891 - WirisQuizzes integration in Webwork.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-910 - Fixed degree symbol not showing on plotters.

  • QUIZZES-914 - Fixed issues with algorithms disappearing on the studio.

  • QUIZZES-917 - Fixed empty that prevented formulas from rendering.

  • QUIZZES-919 - Fixed minor problems in the Flash integration.

  • QUIZZES-943 - Short answers in cloze marked wrong when not answered.

Release 3.53 - 2017 June

New Features

  • QUIZZES-901 - Added Danish, Norwegian Nynorsk and Norwegian Bokmål languages to WirisQuizzes


  • QUIZZES-902 - In equivalent equations assertion WirisQuizzes can now handle equations with roots.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-913 - Added the tag to select the language to Getting Started examples.

  • QUIZZES-899 - Improved Java sessions in WirisQuizzes servlet.

  • QUIZZES-908 - Repaired letter in not bold.

  • QUIZZES-912 - Repaired WIRIS EDITOR initial parameters with the editor in a popup.

Release 3.52 - 2017 May


  • QUIZZES-627 - Scientific notation now is considered to be simplified.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-889 - In handwriting, added a periodic symbol to the symbols list.

  • QUIZZES-898 - Resolved bug with questions with algorithms and languages.

Release 3.5 - 2017 April

New Features


Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • QUIZZES-831 Autoformat of units with a division (such as km/h) is now displayed correctly.

Release 3.47 - 2017 February

New Features

  • New architecture of components in Moodle. Improved installation and update of WIRIS plugins for Moodle.


  • More Quartile Definitions Supported Allowing Full Compatibility With R.

Release 3.0 - 2012 March

Release 2.0 - 2011 October

Release 1.0 - 2010 June

  • The official launch of the product

Release 0.1 - 2008 October