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Getting Started

WirisQuizzes is an assessment tool with computer-based grading that enhances the usual question types with mathematical and scientific functionalities. There are integrations available for LMS (Moodle, Canvas, …) and your own assessment tool through our public API.

To get started with WirisQuizzes, it's essential to see how powerful it can be in a classroom setting by showing its main features: automatic assessment, random parameters, graphical answers... You can see a detailed description of all of them in the WirisQuizzes Features section.

All mathematical content in a WIRIS question type is handled from WirisQuizzes Studio or Studio for short. The available options will depend on the kind of question we are editing and the selected answer type, but the Short Answer type has the most features in Studio. We'll find settings for controlling various aspects of the question in a way that allows mathematical content to be handled flexibly, described in the WirisQuizzes User Interface section.

Besides, when choosing the type of response, there are several options in which we expect the student's answer format. We can choose between the four possible options: equation (for any mathematical expression), text (for pure text answers), plotter (for geometry graphical answers), statistics charts (for statistics graphical answers), and sketch (for sketching the solution using the handwriting tool). You can see a detailed description of all of them in the WirisQuizzes Answer Types section.

On the other hand, it's important to keep in mind the WirisQuizzes plugin adds six question types to the standard Moodle question types. These are similar to these common Moodle question types but with broadly extended mathematical capabilities. We will briefly present each question type while describing how they work with several examples in the WirisQuizzes Question Types section.

Another way to familiarize yourself with the different options and the interface is through several common use case examples. We will guide you step by step in the question creation process in the Basic Guide to Question Creation with WirisQuizzes section.

Finally, we also offer online training in English and Spanish that will teach you how to create questions with WirisQuizzes and become familiar with its features. The Regular Training Program is free of charge, but you can choose an optional and more complete Extended Training Program. You can see a detailed description of the training offered in the WirisQuizzes Online Training section.