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Find below all frequently asked questions about WirisQuizzes, our assessment tool with computer-based grading that enhances the usual question types with mathematical and scientific functionalities.

WirisQuizzes installation and deployment

Where can WirisQuizzes be installed?

WirisQuizzes has a native deployment for Moodle, and the only requirement for this type of integration is the client must use Moodle as its main LMS platform. WirisQuizzes for Moodle provides new question types that enhance existing ones.

It's also possible to integrate WirisQuizzes via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) on an LMS such as Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Schoology, etc. For this type of integration, the client must use an LMS that is LTI 1.3 compatible as it will connect to a Moodle back-end on our servers requiring parameters such as a shared secret, a consumer key and a launch URL.

Besides, WirisQuizzes can also be natively installed as a generic integration in the client tech environment. This type of integration offers a large degree of flexibility but some degree of work and maintenance from the clients’ side.

How do I install WirisQuizzes?

For Moodle, your administrator can download and install the WirisQuizzes Moodle plugin. Similarly, if you are integrating WirisQuizzes via LTI on your LMS, the platform's administrator can download and install WirisQuizzes via LTI.

If you are developing a learning application, you can check WirisQuizzes generic, where you will find the corresponding information for integrating WirisQuizzes into your system. Contact us for more information.

Using WirisQuizzes

Must I write my own questions, or can I choose questions from a question bank?

One of the great features of WirisQuizzes is that you can write your own questions to your own specifications, covering the same material in your lessons. If you prefer, though, you may choose questions from the STEM Collection. This collection of thousands of WirisQuizzes questions comprises content contributed by schools and universities worldwide.

Most of our contributors are happy to share the content that is shared with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Some colleges and publishers prefer to let you use the content but not share it. We've made it easy to do if you have created your own content for WirisQuizzes and would like to share it with others by contributing to the STEM Collection. Please email us at

How do I start creating a question?

We have a WirisQuizzes Basic Guide to get you started, but the simple steps are to

  • Select a question type.

  • Write the question statement and the correct answer.

  • Preview the question and save the changes.

  • Assign a full grade and save the question.

Can I create a quiz that presents questions randomized for each student?

This is one of WirisQuizzes most robust features. You can also choose to have WirisQuizzes randomize coefficients, constants, graphics, and feedback in a question such that no two questions are alike, and no two quizzes are alike. WirisQuizzes gives you complete control over this process. The calculation engine integrated into WirisQuizzes is CalcMe.

Moreover, the order in which your questions are presented is (optionally) randomized for each student (an LMS feature, not WirisQuizzes) and if you allow multiple attempts at the quiz, the order is randomized for each attempt by a student.

Is WirisQuizzes only for advanced math? At what levels is it appropriate?

WirisQuizzes can be used at literally all levels and for mathematics and disciplines such as physics and engineering. It's entirely appropriate for teaching ten-year-olds, for teaching 17-year-olds and adults. WirisQuizzes is just as helpful in teaching Econometrics or Physical Chemistry at the university level as it teaches functions and fractions at the primary school level.

What kind of questions can I create?

The WirisQuizzes plugin for Moodle and the integration via LTI to other LMS have 6 question types described in more detail on the Question types page. The most commonly-used question type is Short Answer, which allows us to define different Answer types as equation, text, plotters and statistical charts.


What is the relation between WirisQuizzes and MathType?

The MathType editor is integral to WirisQuizzes. As a teacher, you will use MathType when creating the question, and your students will use MathType when answering questions that require mathematical input. The MathType toolbar in the WirisQuizzes student interface is simple, requiring little to no learning curve. If you or your students prefer, MathType also provides an interface that recognises handwritten input, thus preventing the need to learn a point & click interface.

If you need to use exclusively MathType in connection with an LMS or other integration, that is covered under a separate license.

MathType for Office Tools is a separate product, purchased under a separate license, that can be used with a variety of software applications, websites, and web applications, but is most commonly used with word processing or presentation software such as Microsoft Word or Apple Keynote.


Does it work in every OS and browser?

Yes, as long as the browser is capable of handling JavaScript. Specifically, WirisQuizzes works in all major browsers -- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge, as well as others supporting JavaScript.

As a teacher, do I need to install something on my computer?

No. WirisQuizzes is browser-based, so there’s nothing to install.