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WirisQuizzes Integrations

There are several platforms where WirisQuizzes can be integrated, as there are different WirisQuizzes integrations. WirisQuizzes mainly targets web applications but can also be integrated into mobile or desktop apps.

Students' answers to questions made with WirisQuizzes are evaluated by calling the WirisQuizzes API. By default, WirisQuizzes Integrations use the services located at our servers in (SaaS model). The various integrations are configured to call them, and, for most situations, the requests to are kept behind the scenes.

  • For Schools/Universities: There is a Native Deployment Moodle Plug-In (currently, it's the only supported LMS) and LTI-based Deployments that require LTI protocol parameters such as a shared secret, a consumer key and a launch URL.

  • For Ed-Techs, Publishers, and LMS: There is a Generic Integration that offers a large degree of flexibility but some degree of work and maintenance from the clients' side.