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Integrating WirisQuizzes at your server

Hosting at your server

If you have a WirisQuizzes service running in your server, naturally, you'll want to configure the Moodle modules to use it.


Configuring WIRIS plugin

Edit the file


Change the following key with the value of your server:

wiriscascodebase = http://<your-server-domain>/wiris/wiris-codebase

Eventually, you might also need to change: wiriscasarchive, wiriscasclass.

Configuring WirisQuizzes

Edit the file


Change the following keys with the values of your server:

com_wiris_quizzes_QuizzesConfig::$QUIZZES_SERVICE_URL = "http://<your-server-domain>/quizzes";

WirisQuizzes server components installation

WirisQuizzes server components installation


By default, WirisQuizzes integrations use the services located at our servers in (SaaS model). The various integrations are configured to call them, and, for most situations, the requests to are kept behind the scenes.


In case you need to use the services from your server, you will need to purchase a license.

If you have a license of Wiris CAS server components, you can install and run the services provided by your own server.


WirisQuizzes server components


Contact our sales team if you want to know more or are interested in purchasing this product.


  • Java applications container (Tomcat).

  • Wiris CAS server components v.2.3.2 - or greater - installed and running on the same computer.Hosting Wiris CAS at your sever


  • Rename the downloaded file quizzes-x.x.x.x.war to quizzes.war.

  • Copy the war file quizzes.war into the web apps Tomcat folder.


  • Set up the Tomcat context parmameter com.wiris.quizzes.logDir in the application WEB.xml. We recommend /var/log/wiris/quizzes in UNIX systems.

  • Set up a Tomcat user with role wiris-admin. This user will be the only allowed log reviewer.

  • Regularly delete old log files. A simple solution is to add the following line to the root's crontab:

0 0 * * 0 find /var/log/wiris/quizzes -name "*.log" -mtime +365 -exec rm -f {} \;
  • You can access the logs web interface using the user you have configured with the wiris-admin role at


Testing the application

You can go to the following URL to test the proper installation of WirisQuizzes