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WirisQuizzes Answer Types

In the left sidebar, you can find the Answer type panel. When choosing the type of response, there are several options in which we expect the student's answer format. Each of them will involve different settings, and you can see them on the corresponding linked pages.

Sidebar navigation menu through the existing answer types

You can choose between the four possible options below:

  • Equation: Any mathematical expression, including those involving units and currencies. This is the default option, and it is probably the type you need in most cases. More details here.

  • Text: For pure text answers with no mathematical content. This option is rarely used. More details here.

  • Plotter: For geometric graphical answers drawn by the students. More details here.

  • Sketch: For geometric graphical answers drawn by the students using the handwriting mode. More details here.

  • Statistics charts: For statistics graphical answers drawn by the students. Bar charts, line charts and pie charts are currently available. More details here.


In previous versions of WirisQuizzes, you had to distinguish between mathematical expressions and quantities involving units. It won't be necessary from now on, and both options are included under the Equation option.