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Subindices in answers

Now, WirisQuizzes allows answers with subindices so you can ask even more questions. For instance, a common question about chemistry or symbolic maths is possible.

Example 1

Consider the following problem about chemistry: A perfect gas at T1T_1 K and P1P_1 atm of pressure occupy V1V_1 l in volume. What volume will the same gas occupy at T2T_2 K and P2P_2 atm of pressure?

Using Ideal gas law, P1·V1T1=P2·V2T2\frac{P_1\cdot V_1}{T_1}=\frac{P_2\cdot V_2}{T_2}, so the answer will be V2=P1·V1·T2T1·P2V_2=\frac{P_1\cdot V_1\cdot T_2}{T_1\cdot P_2}


As usually, equivalent formats are marked as correct


Example 2

Imagine this question: Compute the determinant of the following matrix a1123a2-1-2a3a4. The algorithm will be


The Correct answer field will look like


So the solution will be