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WirisQuizzes 4.7.0 is here

Welcome to WirisQuizzes 4.7

A new version of WirisQuizzes is here, WirisQuizzes 4.7.0.


Why are we doing this?

With the purpose of welcoming new users to the WirisQuizzes Studio and making their learning experience a little easier, we've added a getting started page to the WirisQuizzes Studio. This is a place where you can learn how to get started with the product and enrol in our training services.

With this release, we hope to support the onboarding of new users and to educate WirisQuizzes lovers on our new releases and features.

Where are we heading next? Help us get there

We are looking into developing this easy to create random variables for our graphical features, so you can create dynamic graph questions with WirisQuizzes seamlessly.

If this is something you would be interested in, we would love to receive your feedback and ideas; please drop us an email at

New features

Getting started page

A new menu section where you can find more information on WirisQuizzes and get quick access to our documentation and customer support.


Essentially, you can get quick access to our documentation and customer support through the following links:

Full-screen CalcMe

You can now open display CalcMe in full-screen mode within WirisQuizzes Studio. This is especially helpful when editing long algorithms.


New languages

Now we support Russian and Chinese languages.


Time to say goodbye

WirisQuizzes 4.7 is out. To become an early adopter, don't hesitate to contact your LMS admin to ensure you're using the latest version of WirisQuizzes.

Give us your feedback on WirisQuizzes via this survey . We truly appreciate it!

This is not a goodbye, but a see you very soon. Wish you a happy quizz-ing.

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