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Setup and configuration

Overview - MathFlow SDK setup & configuration

MathFlow SDK system requirements

This section answers the following questions:

  • What are the the system requirements for running the MathFlow SDK?

  • Which operating systems are supported?

  • Which version of Java is required for the Java components?

  • Which web browsers are supported for the Java applets?

Files for compiling and running

This section answers the following questions:

  • Which Java jar files are required for which components?

  • What DLLs are required for the Windows components?

  • How do I access the programs from the command line?

MathFlow SDK licenses

The MathFlow SDK offers several types of licenses in order to provide the maximum flexibility in meeting licensing needs. This section explains the various licenses that are available.

End-User help options

The MathML editor classes offer more than one option for the type of Help system to use with the editor. This section explains how to configure your application to use the right type of Help.