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MathFlow licensing

Overview, licensing

MathFlow requires access to a license file in order to function. There are evaluation licenses and permanent licenses.


Note: The exact location of your MathFlow license isn't important. What's important is for you to tell oXygen where your license is.

Evaluation license

A MathFlow Evaluation license expires on a specific date determined when we generate the license. This type of license is most commonly used for demonstrations and evaluations of the product.

To request a MathFlow evaluation license, contact our sales staff. Once you have obtained the license file, we recommend you place it at the path to MathFlow which by default is C:\Program Files (x86)\MathFlow Universal, but as noted above you can put it anywhere you want. You will then be able to try MathFlow for a period of 30 days.

Permanent licenses

After you purchase MathFlow, we will issue a permanent license. Permanent in this case doesn't mean it never expires; it means it's not an evaluation license. If you don't get your permanent license, please contact our sales staff.

  1. <path‑to‑mathflow>\resources\windows\lmhostid.exe

  1. <path‑to‑mathflow>\resources\windows\lmhostid.exe

C:\flexlm> lmgrd -c dessci.lic -L [+]debug_log_path

License check-out and check-in

Checking the license out

A MathFlow Editor license is checked out when you use the MathFlow Editor in a document. This allows you to view an XML document containing MathML without checking out a license.

If the license has not been checked out, the equation will appear with a gray background.

There are three actions that will cause the MathFlow Editor to check out a license:

  • Insert MathML (Insert Equation)

  • Edit an existing equation

  • Reload MathML Images

Once a license has been checked out, the gray background will disappear.

If a license has been checked out, it is checked out for all documents open in oXygen containing MathML. Some documents may show gray equation images, but that will change if the view is refreshed. Therefore a document having gray equation images will not be a true indicator of whether or not a license is indeed checked out.

Checking the license in

There are two ways to check in a license, releasing it for others to use:

  • Close all documents open in oXygen which contain MathML.

  • Close oXygen.