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Editing (Java only)


The MathFlow SDK editing components are WYSIWYG MathML equation editors. There are three levels of editors, ranging from simple editing to advanced editing, as shown below. For each editor, there is a Java applet version (which can be embedded in web pages) and a Java application version (which can be embedded in desktop applications).

MathML Editing Components

  • Simple Applet/Editor: This is a basic MathML editor. It includes a toolbar and editing area.

  • Style Applet/Editor: This is a more advanced MathML editor. It includes the functionality from the Simple Applet/Editor and adds:

    • Switch between different toolbars from the General Editing Preferences dialog.

    • Customize the recognized common functions list.

    • Easily change styles, or copy and paste from a mini-toolbar.

  • Structure Applet/Editor: This is our most advanced MathML editor, which includes the following additional functionality:

    • Add new toolbars and switch between them from the menu.

    • Control Non-MathML elements from the General Editing Preferences dialog.

    • Edit the equation's presentation MathML source code from the source view tab.

    • Manage font styles from the menu.

    • Includes customizable ruler.