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MathFlow for Arbortext overview

MathFlow consists of several components which can be integrated into XML publishing workflows requiring math capabilities. There are three MathFlow components that work within Arbortext's XML tools:

  • MathFlow Editor — The primary tool is a graphical editor for authoring and editing mathematical notation encoded in MathML format. MathFlow Editor integrates into the Arbortext XML Editor to provide a convenient and powerful way of editing MathML without leaving the Arbortext environment. Equations appear within the XML editor exactly as they were entered in the MathFlow Editor and are saved as MathML within the XML document. For information on using the MathFlow Editor, refer to the Tutorials and MathFlow Editor sections.

  • MathFlow Import/Export — This component works together with Arbortext Import/Export to import Microsoft Word documents containing MathType 7 and Equation Editor equations into XML+MathML documents. For more information, refer to MathFlow Import/Export.

  • MathFlow Composer — This component is used to translate your XML pages, including MathML, into a variety of HTML formats, for viewing on any browser. MathFlow Composer works together with Arbortext Composer to generate output documents in HTML, XHTML and PDF formats. For information, refer to MathFlow Composer.

This documentation covers all aspects of MathFlow usage, including Installation and Licensing, detailed information and Tutorials on MathFlow Editor and MathML, plus more advanced reference material such as Characters support, Mapping entities, and MathFlow Toolbar Configuration Language.

  • In addition to the documentation here, the Windows HTML documentation can be accessed via the Start menu at MathFlow The entire set of these files is located in the C:\Program Files\[MF] 2.1 for Arbortext\ directory. The start page is welcome.html. Even though MathFlow installs a local copy of the documentation, we encourage you to use this online documentation at as your primary information source, since it's updated more regularly than the installed version.

Context-sensitive help for MathFlow Editor can only be accessed via MathFlow Editor Help on the Help menu within the MathFlow Editor and by clicking the Help button in most dialogs, or by choosing MathFlow Help from the Arbortext MathFlow menu.

Throughout the documentation, the term <custom-path> refers to the custom directory in the directory where Arbortext is installed; this is typically the following:

  • Arbortext Version 5.2 and later - C:\Program Files\Arbortext\Editor\custom

For the latest installation and release notes please refer to the following files:

C:\Program Files\[MF] 2.1 for Arbortext\README.html C:\Program Files\[MF] 2.1 for Arbortext\ReleaseNotes.html

If you have any questions not covered here or just need some extra guidance, please contact our support staff.