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MathFlow for oXygen overview

MathFlow is an integrated solution for XML publishing workflows requiring math capabilities. The MathFlow Editor is a graphical editor for authoring and editing mathematical notation encoded in MathML format. MathFlow integrates into oXygen to provide a convenient and powerful way of editing MathML without leaving the oXygen environment.

MathFlow Editor's user interface makes it easy to create and edit math equations in your documents. Equations appear within the XML Editor exactly as they were entered in the MathFlow Editor and are saved as MathML within the XML document.

This documentation covers all aspects of MathFlow usage, including Installation and Licensing, detailed information and Tutorials on MathFlow Editor and MathML, plus more advanced reference material such as Characters support, Mapping entities, and MathFlow Toolbar Configuration Language.

We encourage you to review the documentation before getting started and return to it as needed. Each section includes a table of contents listing with links to the appropriate topics. In addition, the Search feature is very useful for locating specific topics based on keyword.

After you install MathFlow there will be a local copy of the MathFlow documentation on your computer. The entire set of these files will be located in the <path‑to‑mathflow>\java\docs\help\html\<simple/structure/style> directory. The start page is index.html. While that set of documentation is useful, it is not maintained as closely nor kept as up-to-date as these pages at, so we urge you to come here for MathFlow reference when possible.

You can access context-sensitive help for the MathFlow Editor via MathFlow Editor Help on the Help menu in the MathFlow Editor.

Throughout the documentation, the term <path-to-oxygen> refers to the directory where oXygen is installed; this is typically C:\Program Files\oXygen XML Editor <version>.

For the latest installation and release notes please refer to <path-to-mathflow>\readme.html.

If you have any questions not covered here or just need some extra guidance, please contact our support staff.