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MathFlow SDK Editor components can be used within Java applications. There are two versions of each Editor component. Note: These pages linked below are offered here for your convenience. If you have installed the MathFlow SDK, it's better if you refer to the copy that was installed with the SDK. These are located in the javadocs folder, which for Windows is specifically C:/Program Files (x86)/MathFlow SDK/2.1/java/docs/javadoc/com/dessci/mathflow/sdk/editor/

  • SimpleEditor

  • StyleEditor

  • StructureEditor

The EditorFrame components can be embedded either directly in a Java application or opened in a separate, non-modal window. The EditorDialog components can be opened in a separate modal window. To create an instance of either component type, a constructor must be called with two or more of the following objects:

  • (Required) Host Application for callbacks and notifications.

  • (Required) License key or FlexNet license file.

  • (Optional) SimpleConfigInfo, StyleConfigInfo, or StructureConfigInfo. More information in the javadocs folder, at /webeq3/app/.

  • (Optional) OptionsInfo, which allows you to save the General Editing Preferences to an external file to persist user settings. More information in the javadocs folder, at /webeq3/util/.