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Composition: Equation Composer


The EquationComposer class, which is available in both Java and Windows-only (including 32- and 64-bit versions), is used to generate images from MathML. It can produce EPS (Windows only), GIF, and PNG image types.

Programming Model

The EquationComposer class is based on a state model. When an EquationComposer object is instantiated, an internal collection of parameters is initialized. These parameters control licensing, input, output, rendering, font management, persistence and other functions. These internal parameters are modifiable by setter methods, which allow you to change the value of the parameters before an image is generated. Refer to the Java Equation Composer API in the javadocs, or Windows Equation Composer API for the EquationComposer class to see what setter methods are available.

Generating an Image File

Once all of the parameters have been set, a call to GenerateImageFile() will render the equation as an image and save it in the format and location defined by the parameters.

Configuring Fonts

You can choose which fonts are used when creating equation images. To do this, you need to create font configuration files. See Windows Font Configuration or Java Rendering Engine for more information.