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Communicating with the MathFlow editors

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====== Communicating with the MathFlow editors ======

===== MathML =====

Use the following Javascript methods when working with MathML:

^Javascript MethodDescription |string getFormattedMathML(int markupType, int formatLevel, boolean [[|namespaceAttr]], string [[|namespacePrefix]], int characterType)|Returns the MathML for the current equation with the specified format. Specific values for the parameters are as follows:

markupType 0 Mixed content/presentation markup 1 Presentation markup format 2 Content markup format (if possible) 3 Normalized presentation format (extra mrows removed)

formatLevel 0 Pretty printed (on multiple lines and indented to make reading easier) 1 Packed (all on one line, no indenting or extra spaces) 2 Packed and escaped (all on one line, all <>& shown as escaped characters) 3 Packed and wrapped (no extra white space, but returns added at nearest tag at 80 columns)

[[|namespaceAttr]] States whether or not a namespace prefix should be added to each tag.

[[|namespacePrefix]] Used with namespaceAttr. Prepends every tag with this namespace.

characterType 0 Special characters are shown as entity names if possible. 1 Special characters are shown in the format &#xXXXX; where X is a hexadecimal value. 2 Special characters are shown in UTF-8 format. This is the binary representation of the characters and may look strange in many text-processing programs.| |void setMathML(String new_mml)|Sets the MathML source for the current equation.| ===== Options file =====

The SDK editor components allow you to pass an optional OptionsInfo object as a parameter to their constructor. The ’OptionsInfo’ class allows you to create, save and read options to a file. This allows the application to retain user settings.

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