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About CalcMe

Do I need to pay to use CalcMe?

No, CalcMe is a 100% free tool. We're working on improving the calculator and, to do so, we ask you to sign up the first time you open it at your computer. We use cookies to securely identify your account, to keep you signed in and to improve our service.


You can read our Terms of Use and Privacy policy if you want to know more information about it.

Is there an option to use CalcMe in a desktop version?

CalcMe is the JavaScript-based online calculator that replaced Wiris CAS (the original Java-based calculator) in 2017. The math engine behind it's the same. Still, with the transition, we've got rid of the Java applets in the ones that were Wiris CAS based that gave so many compatibility problems with various browsers and operating systems.

Wiris CAS had an offline version, Wiris Desktop, that could be downloaded and installed as a local application. Also, since 2017, although it could continue to be used if it was already downloaded, it was no longer supported as users were encouraged to begin the transition to CalcMe

In summary, even if you have the credentials and the right environment to use the old calculator, we strongly recommend using CalcMe. Take into account that the updated manuals are intended for the new version of the tool.

Where can I find a complete list of all existing CalcMe commands?

In this section, you can find all the available commands in CalcMe browsed alphabetically and by category.

At the moment, this section is only available in English. To translate any function into Spanish, you can click on the interactive demo and change the session's language.

Using the tool

How do I get the results to appear in decimal format?

By default, CalcMe doesn't display in decimal format those results that can be expressed rationally. For this purpose, you must use the action Approximate (Ctrl + Shift + A) or multiply the result by 1.0, for example.


¿How can I calculate the adjoint matrix in CalcMe?

Firstly, we must specify that the adjoint matrix is not the same as the adjugate matrix. According to the references used, one terminology or another is used, one being the other's transpose. To calculate it, you must use the command adjoint_matrix().


As CalcMe understands the adjoint matrix (as the transpose of its cofactor matrix), it should only be multiplied by the determinant's inverse to obtain the inverse matrix.

How can I modify the graphic plotter settings?

There are essentially two ways to configure the plotter to your liking, using the command attributes() or through the panel that you can find at the top right of the plotter's top bar.


Both are explained in detail here, but basically, you must modify those parameters that are of interest to you.