Before purchase

What is a MathType subscription?

A MathType subscription is a set of MathType licenses with the same activation and expiration date.

What does the MathType license include?

A MathType license includes a product key valid for MathType for Windows, Mac, and online use (Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online).

Does my license include upgrades?

If you acquired a MathType 7 license, it includes all upgrades released until your license expiration date.

I have both Windows and Mac computers. Do I need to buy two separate subscriptions?

No. One subscription will suffice, since a MathType subscription includes a product key valid for MathType for Windows, Mac, and online use (Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online). For further information on the compatibility with your device, see here.

On how many devices can I activate my MathType Office Tools license?

You can use MathType on up to three devices. This includes computers, tablets, or any other compatible devices.

What is the difference between MathType Office Tools and MathType Office Tools - For Education?

  • MathType Office Tools: Choose this license if you are a teacher, student, individual, or company.

  • MathType Office Tools - For Educational Institutions: Choose this license if you are purchasing for an educational institution.

I am a teacher but I want MathType Office Tools for my personal use. Which subscription should I buy?

If you are a teacher, researcher, or student and want to purchase an individual subscription, you should choose "MathType Office Tools". Our regular academic discount is still available.

I have a key for MathType 6.x, what can I do?

Please note that licenses for MathType 6.x do not work in MathType 7 and vice-versa. To use MathType 7, you should purchase a license. If you only have a product key for MathType 6.x you cannot log in into My WIRIS store; to recover a lost key, please contact us at

Can I use a MathType 7 product key on older version?

No. The product keys of MathType 7 are not compatible with older versions of the product.

What methods of payment are available?

Supported credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Alipay is also supported.

If purchasing through our store with a credit card is not a valid option for you, please get in touch with us at*.

*Minimum purchase required.

How can I buy MathType for a web platform or HTML editor?

If you have your own web platform, please contact us at

How can I buy Wiris Quizzes, CalcMe, or MathFlow?

Please contact us at

My WIRIS store

After completing a purchase in the WIRIS Store, you can access ‘My WIRIS store’ with the username and password provided to you upon delivery. In My WIRIS store, you can see all the details of your subscription (product keys, renewal date, amount, credit card details, etc.), edit your personal data and download the invoices for all your payments.

Where can I find My WIRIS store?

The URL of your customer area is

How do I log in to My WIRIS store area?

Use the username and password provided to you in the email to fill out the sign-in form (


How do I recover my username and password?

You can recover your username and password at this URL or clicking on the "I forgot my password" link below the sign-in form. Use the same e-mail you provided in your first purchase.


Where can I edit my personal data?

Once you are logged in at My WIRIS store, click "Account" at the top of the page. Click on "MODIFY MY ACCOUNT" at the bottom of the page.


There you can edit your personal data (i.e. profile, credit card details, billing information, password, etc.)


Edit/change my credit card details

Once you are logged in at My WIRIS store, click "Account" at the top of the page. There you may delete your old card and/or add a new one. If you want to keep two different credit cards, don't forget to set your preferred card as default.

To add a new credit card, first, write the requested information and click "ADD CREDIT CARD".


Note that your new payment information will be updated within 24 hours.


Where can I download my invoices?

You can see all your invoices by clicking Invoices at the top of My WIRIS store.


You can also view the details of or download an invoice by clicking the link associated with that invoice at the bottom of your subscription details page.


License subscriptions and renewals for end users

How do license subscriptions work?

MathType 7 license is yearly subscription-based. The renewal will depend on your payment method.

  • Credit Card. It will be automatically renewed every year, but in My WIRIS store, you can set this automatic renewal status.

  • Alipay. It will not be automatically renewed. You will have to process the renewal manually.

How does renewal work?


Note that you will only be able to renew your subscription by using the same payment method. If you want to use a different method (from Alipay to Credit Card or vice versa), you will have to purchase a new subscription.

You can change the automatic renewal state of your subscriptions at My WIRIS store at any time during your active license period (from the purchase day until the expiration date). There are two possible states for the automatic renewal:

  • Automatic renewal state: ENABLED. No action is required for you to enjoy MathType and you will be charged with the license amount yearly. This is the default state for new subscriptions.

  • Automatic renewal state: DISABLED. Your license will be active until the expiration date. You can enable the “Automatic renewal” at any time before the expiration date. After this date, if you want to continue using MathType, you will have to purchase a new license.


You will be able to process your subscription renewal if your license expires in 30 days or less by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to My WIRIS store area.

  2. From your subscription, click on "Renew MathType subscription".

    (missing screenshot)

  3. Complete the last steps to finish the renewal process.


How much will I pay on the renewal date?

You can see the amount on the subscription page at My WIRIS store.

Will my product key change upon renewal?

No. Your product key will not change upon renewal.


If you use Alipay as a payment method, you will have up to three months after the expiration date to renew the same license.

Will I receive an email before the renewal?

Yes, you will be notified by email before the subscription renewal/expiration date.

Can I reactivate an inactive/expired license?

  • Credit Card. If you have an inactive (i.e. expired) license, you'll need to purchase a new one to use MathType.

  • Alipay. You will be able to reactivate/renew your MathType license up to three months after the expiration date. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a new subscription.

How do I disable the automatic renewal?

If you paid with a credit card, you may disable the automatic renewal at My WIRIS store. See detailed steps in the "How does renewal work?" section. Your license will only be valid until the license expiration date. Please note that it does not imply a refund.

I would like to have a refund, how should I proceed?

You have 30 days after the purchase date to claim a refund. If you would like a refund for your product, please contact us at



How to download MathType 7?

  1. Go to the download page.

  2. Choose the language you want to use MathType 7 with.

    Image of the download page of MathType 7 with the language options
  3. After clicking your language, a modal window appears asking for a valid email.

    Modal window asking for a valid email before downloading MathType 7 in the Store.
  4. Click the "Download" button and the download will start

What to do if I am facing problems downloading MathType 7?

  1. Make sure your browser is not blocking the automatic downloads

  2. Make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups

    Example of a Safari browser blocking pop-ups and preventing MathType 7 from being downloaded.
  3. Try with another web browser

  4. If the issue persists after following previous steps, contact