WirisQuizzes for Brightspace

Now you can include Math & Science by Wiris question types in your Brightspace course by following these instructions.

Try WirisQuizzes on Brightspace for free: request a demo and free trial

Request a demo and free trial by filling out this form. Tell us a little about yourself, and we'll connect you with a WirisQuizzes expert who can share more about the product and answer any questions you have.

Is the content I create with WirisQuizzes stored forever?

While on trial: no

Keep in mind that this is a time-limited free trial where you connect to a demo authoring tool. Other organizations will not be able to see the content you create. However, we cannot be held responsible for any content lost during the trial period. The trial authoring platform is reset to its blank state every three months.

With a paid license: yes

If you proceed to buy a license for WirisQuizzes, a new credential will be issued. It is mandatory to change your trial credentials to your new unique credential. The content you created on trial will be deleted and cannot be restored.

However, once you start using your new credentials, your content will be securely saved forever.

Admin: Installation

To use WirisQuizzes in a Brightspace campus, the first step is to install WirisQuizzes as a remote plugin in your Brightspace course.


Before installing the plugin into your campus, you need to get the login credentials for your institution.


If you have already purchased your license and want to use your institution's Product Key, go to the Wiris store with your user/password for www.wiris.com and search for the Product Key of your WirisQuizzes LTI license. The Consumer Key is your institution's domain (if your website is 'www.acme.net', the Consumer key will be 'acme.net').


If you still need to purchase your license, don't hesitate to contact us at info@wiris.com.

Installing WirisQuizzes through LTI

You must complete two processes before the plugin is active in Brightspace:

  1. Add WirisQuizzes as a Remote Plugin

  2. Configure the domain

Add WirisQuizzes as a Remote Plugin

  1. Log in to Brightspace with an administrator account.

  2. On the Homepage (never when you are in a course), click the Admin Tools ⚙️ icon in the top right corner. In the drop-down menu that appears select Remote Plugins.

  3. When you click New Remote Plugin a pop-up form called Create a new Remote Plugin will appear.

  4. Fill the form with the data below:

    * Plugin Type: QuickLink (CIM).

    * Name: WIRIS QUIZZES LTI (this is just a recommendation, you can choose something different)

    * Launch Point URL: https://www.wiris.net/client/lti/quizzes/launch.

    * LTI Key: Provided by the WIRIS team.

    * LTI Secret: Provided by the WIRIS team.

    * After setting the Key and Secret, the OAuth Signature Method field appears. Set it to HMAC-SHA1.

    * You can leave the other fields blank.

  5. At the end of the form, click the Add Org Units button and add the courses for which the plugin should be available.

Configure the domain

  1. On the Homepage (never when you are in a course), click the Admin Tools ⚙️ icon in the top right corner. In the drop-down menu that appears, select External Learning Tools.

  2. Click the third item in the tab menu called Manage Tool Providers.


    There are two different External Learning Tools pages types: a global one and then one for each course. You can configure either one, but keep in mind that course one overrides the global one, and it only applies to that course. The global one can be accessed through ⚙️ Admin Tools > External Learning Tools. Course one can be accessed through: [Course] > Course Tools > All Course Tools > External Learning Tools.

  3. A tool provider with the wiris.net name in the Launch point column should appear in the list.

  4. Click to edit.

  5. Check all the boxes under Security Settings.

  6. In Add Org Units, you'll find all the courses where the plugin is available.

That is all! The WirisQuizzes plugin is now available on your Brightspace campus in selected courses.

Manage WirisQuizzes


  • The back-end authoring platform is a Moodle-based platform. This platform is provided by Wiris and located at https://quizzeslti.wiris.net/example.com/, where 'example.com' is the domain of your Brightspace institution.

  • You are provided with a Manager account with high privileges to administer the authoring platform, although it is unnecessary for regular operation.

Use the manager account

  1. Go to the platform URL: https://quizzeslti.wiris.net/example.com/, replacing example.com with the domain of your Brightspace institution.

  2. Contact WIRIS support to get the credential.

  3. The first time you log in with this account, you must change the password to a secure and private one.

  4. Immediately change the account email.

  5. Click Manager User in the top-right corner and select Profile,

  6. Then, click the Edit profile link and set up the new email on the profile page.


Teacher: Authoring & Grading

If you are reading this probably, you want to create or manage quizzes with math and science features in a course hosted in a Brightspace platform. All you need to create content using WirisQuizzes is a Brightspace account with a teacher role in a Brightspace course.

Create a quiz

To review the features of WirisQuizzes and the process for creating quizzes, please see the documentation

View all WirisQuizzes documentation.

To create a quiz in Brightspace:

  1. Log in to Brightspace and go to the course where you want to create the quiz. You must ensure that the plugin is available in this course.

  2. Click the Content link. It is the first item on the course's Main Menu.

  3. Enter an existing module or create a new one.

  4. Click on the button Existing Activities, then select the External tool with the name you've given to WirisQuizzes Remote Plugin; In this example, we have used 'WIRIS QUIZZES LTI'.

  5. Here you can create a New quiz or Edit an existing one.


Open the WirisQuizzes platform in a full window

If you want to create your quizzes and questions in full-window and access some restricted features, click the button 'Open in a new tab'.

When you end up creating the platform's content, click the 'Refresh' link to see your new or updated quizzes in the selection window.


Review quiz attempts

As a teacher, in order to see the grades and each student's answers, you can navigate to the quiz and click the "Attempts: <n>" link.


On this page, you can generate a report with all the information and also review each student's response.


Student: Just play

Students use the WirisQuizzes activities in their course without accessing platforms other than their Brightspace course. WirisQuizzes responses and grades may be reviewed similarly to standard Brightspace quizzes.