WirisQuizzes release notes

WirisQuizzes services 4.4 - December 2021

We're excited to take another step toward making WirisQuizzes a complete STEM assessment tool with sophisticated graph features. Starting now, WirisQuizzes supports statistical graphical representations, this is a unique feature on the STEM market. Passionate for statistics, please continue reading.

What's new

Introducing statistical graphs in the short answer question type

Teachers can now add statistical graphs to a Short answer question type and ask students to answer by interacting with the dynamic graph. The following statistical representations are available: bar chart, line chart and pie chart.


All statistical charts designed within WirisQuizzes are interactive and customizable, and our software system automatically evaluates assessments with graphical statistical questions. You can see more details on creating this kind of question here.

Bar charts

A bar chart is a diagram in which the numerical values of variables are represented by the height or length of lines or rectangles of equal width. This type of graphical representation is now supported by WirisQuizzes Instructors can now create dynamic bar charts as initial content and ask the students to answer questions by interacting with the chart.

Line charts

A line chart or line plot or line graph or curve chart displays information as a series of data points called 'markers' connected by straight line segments. It's a primary type of chart typical in many fields. This type of graphical representation is now supported by WirisQuizzes Instructors can now create dynamic line charts as initial content and ask the students to answer questions by interacting with the chart.

Pie charts

A pie chart is a circular statistical graphic divided into slices to illustrate numerical proportion. In a pie chart, the arc length of each piece is proportional to the quantity it represents. This type of graphical representation is now supported by WirisQuizzes Instructors can now create dynamic pie charts as initial content and ask the students by interacting with the chart.


Uploading images to graphs

Teachers can now add background images or extra elements to make questions more dynamic and fun. Whether that image is your school's logo or an additional picture for getting the attention of your younger students, it is now possible with WirisQuizzes graph functionalities.


What's fixed

Nothing in this release

WirisQuizzes services 4.3 - September 2021

During this release, you’ll find several new features mainly focused on making graphical representations more powerful, allowing you to add text field sections and supporting you when converting external information and data into WirisQuizzes. After listening to your requests, we’ve also made some general improvements and fixed several bugs.

What's new

Introducing Auxiliary Text to Graph Questions

The auxiliary text feature will also be available on graph questions, and students will be able to explain their reasoning behind the building of a graph or area. You can see more details regarding it here.


Import complex algorithms to CalcMe

With the introduction of the new CalcMe algorithm line feature, we will automatically detect any algorithm in Wiris CAS for you and convert it to a CalcMe algorithm. Thus, you can have a better experience further editing it using our fully functional code editor. You can see more details regarding it here.


Import between initial content and correct answer

Repetitions are over. With the new import feature, you can save time, automatically sending information from the initial content to the correct answer area or vice-versa. You can see more details regarding it here.


Introduction of advanced mathematics in WirisQuizzes demo

You can have a sneak-peek into WirisQuizzes and experience its power for free. We’ve included advanced mathematics features in our demo, allowing you to grasp the full complexity of WirisQuizzes without committing to a full subscription. Try it here now.


Customize plotter size in WirisQuizzes question statement plotters

The size of your plotter graphs can be customized in the question's statement. Using a very brief notation, you can make your plotters more visible to students. You can see more details regarding it here.


Fill Color Customization for Graph Points

It's possible to customize the fill colour of graph points on CalcMe Make specific points of your graph stand out by colouring them with multiple colour options.


What's improved

Ready only after creating a text field

This is mainly for all System Administrators who manually integrate WirisQuizzes Now, you'll be able to not allow for trial and error and make sure the student's first recorded answer is the final one. You'll be able to disable the students' answer field as you wish programmatically.


What's fixed

For LMS integrations of WirisQuizzes


Bugs related to WirisQuizzes LMS integrations have been fixed. Some errors related to question types have been solved, which will enable you to use WirisQuizzes in a faster and smoother way.

Related to specific question types:

  • Cloze questions errors related to adding multiple-choice questions have been fixed.

  • The matching question type whose possible answer contains a repeated value (due to using random parameters) has been fixed. It no longer displays the repeated value twice instead of one anymore.

  • An extra line break is no longer added to every option when creating multiple-choice questions.

For everyone using the tool in Catalan or Spanish:

  • The string above the auxiliary input component has now been translated to Catalan and Spanish for those who don't feel so familiar with English.

Regarding error messages:

  • An error message no longer appears when a teacher clicks re-grade to a quiz that was not graded before.

Other fixes related to all WQ questions:

  • Questions with the auxiliary input component enabled no longer lose it when migrating to WirisQuizzes 4. You no longer have to select the option again manually.

  • Questions whose statements involve equations in LaTeX that contain underscores no more prolonged crash on WirisQuizzes 4.

  • Questions no longer display the statement not filtered, and the input boxes are broken when their answer contains decimal numbers without the leading 0 (that is, .12345).

  • Strokes within a student's answer are no longer lost with WirisQuizzes 4.

For WirisQuizzes Studio


Bugs related to WirisQuizzes Studio have now been fixed.

  • When MathType appears in a popup, it now preserves edited formulas. Moreover, since the MathType popup no longer opens as blank, it is possible to edit a pre-existing formula.

  • Some menus in CalcMe especially dropdown panels, no longer appear misplaced when opened in WirisQuizzes Studio

  • Dropdowns of Graph within the correct answer activity of a graphical answer question can now be opened when browsing Firefox.

  • WirisQuizzes Studio now correctly preserves the changing styles of plotted objects using the Graph in the question’s statement.

  • Defining the parameter answer in an algorithm box in CalcMe is now working correctly.

  • Compound questions do not slow down the load of the Input Options activity anymore.

For Question Grading


Bugs related to our Question Grading Engine have now been fixed.

  • CalcMe does not ignore the line after ending the multiline comment.

  • When importing the correct answer in a question with a grading function with a random parameter, the evaluation of the correct answer no longer fails.

  • Graphical Answer questions regarding functions with asymptotes no longer break in some corner cases.

  • WirisQuizzes Studio correctly grades functions with random parameters. The evaluation no longer fails when you import the correct answer in a question with a grading function and where the right answer uses random parameters.

  • Questions regarding multi-letter units (such as cm, ml, Wb, Bq, atm, floz, etc.) within compound answers with text fields no longer cause wrong corrections of correct answers in WirisQuizzes 4.

  • No errors occur when grading a compound question with multiple answers, thus leading to correct grading results.

Minor subsequent releases

WirisQuizzes services 4.3.1 - September 2021

What's fixed

  • Restores compatibility with PHP versions prior to 7.2.

WirisQuizzes services 4.3.2 - October 2021

What's new

  • Adds compatibility mode with the plugin filtercodes.


What's fixed

  • Fixes a critical bug that prevented some questions from opening with the message "Exception - .symbols.[X]: wasn't preceded by a comma".

  • Fixes a bug that prevented some quizzes to be attempted with the message "uncaught exception: Call to a member function get() on float".

WirisQuizzes services 4.3.3 - November 2021

What's new

  • An Error detector is now available on CalcMe With this new functionality, you'll be able to detect errors quickly and avoid mistakes when preparing your quizzes.


What's fixed

  • Feedback now appears correctly on fill in the blank (Cloze) questions with more than an option defined for a short answer.

  • Old fill in the blank (Cloze) questions are now showing all answer boxes.

  • Compound answer boxes now expand if the entered formula is more significant than the original space.

  • Questions that included a vector or a matrix followed by a subscript that is not an integer appear correctly.

  • Mathematical expressions involving normalπ and normale elements can now be plotted with no errors using the Expression button in Wiris Graph.

  • Variables and expressions declared in the first or last line of a multiline comment are now considered.

  • Decimal and digit group separators are now saved correctly in WirisQuizzes Studio

  • Service errors have been fixed for several questions involving the literal string "{"in Wiris CAS

  • Fill with the correct answer now works correctly when a compound answer has a repeated label (LHS).

  • Auxiliary CalcMe sessions are saved correctly, even if the regular answer field is left blank.

Old releases

You can see older WirisQuizzes release notes here.