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Release notes

Releases 2.14.2 - March 2021

  • Fixed CalcMe output options not translating to quizzes questions.

  • Adapted "newline" button to "new" MathType behaviour.

  • Fixed session with two parabolas not being properly displayed.

  • Added option to disable file sharing capabilities in embedded auxiliary CalcMe in WirisQuizzes.

Releases 2.14.0/1 - February 2021

  • Includes new graph toolbar and mainly a bug fixing release.

Releases 2.13.0 - August 2020

New features & Improvements

  • Adds a service worker to CalcMe. This allows CalcMe to be loaded and work without internet connection after the first visit, except for the evaluation calls. This also completes the integration of CalcMe as a Progressive Web App, so users will be able to easily install CalcMe as a “standalone” mobile or desktop application.

  • Adds the empty set symbol to the accordion bar.

  • Adds the new units supported by Wiris CAS to the accordion bar.

  • New “File” menu.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • Fill and fill_color commands now work properly.

  • Arc command now works properly.

  • Buttons that insert functions now use the selected list item separator instead of the default one.

  • Fixed some bugs that occurred after changing the language of the session.

  • “write” command now works properly again with random arguments regarding label placement.

  • Usage of “label” argument in the plot function does no longer make plotters crash.

Release 2.11.2/3/4- April 2020


Mostly a bug fixing release.

Release 2.11.1 - February 2020


Mostly a bug fixing release.

New features

  • [CALCME-444] - PDF issues with plotters & svg icons.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-514] - Fixed Syntax error in strings with white spaces when are created inside a condition.

  • [CALCME-517] - Added CalcMe favicon inside war.

Release 2.9.0-2.11.0 - November/December 2019


The Graph toolbar is now responsive, so it does not overflow the available space.

New features

  • [CALCME-395] - Make graph toolbar responsive.


  • [CALCME-494] - Add scroll on language dropdown.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-506] - Expose version.txt in print war.

  • [CALCME-485] - Fixed: Each time a command is executed plotters are displayed.

  • [CALCME-492] - Fixed: Opening CalcMe inside the studio when lang is nl.

Release 2.8 - September 2019


Bug fixing release.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-278] - Units of measure prefix list is now scrollable.

  • [CALCME-406] - Use per cent symbol % instead of percent word.

  • [CALCME-415] - Make settings precision field have the default value on first opening.

  • [CALCME-437] - Fixed bug with pi and other green symbols in input fields.

Release 2.7 - July 2019


  • New settings dialog. Using Wiris UI and containing many new options, including output options. Other minor dialogues have also been moved to Wiris UI, such as the source dialogue (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+X) and the error dialogue.

  • Sheets can now be rearranged. Drag and drop is now supported in the sheet tab bar.

  • Improvements in PWA support. CalcMe can now be opened as a standalone (online) app on Android and iOS devices.

  • Graph supports some keyboard shortcuts. Undo, redo, delete and cancel.

New Features

  • [CALCME-343] - Roots function now gives the proper answer for integer- and rational- restricted queries

  • Task.

  • [CALCME-329] - Sheet tabs can now be dragged.

  • [CALCME-391] - Use git hash as version number.

  • [CALCME-448] - Set deplymentId at CalcMe


  • [CALCME-352] - Fix Label - Improved behavior.

  • [CALCME-392] - [Output options] Configuration modal window to new UI.

  • [CALCME-403] - Unify CalcMe labels with Graph labels.

  • [CALCME-411] - [Output options] Trigger recalculate when changing angle units from degrees to radians, or vice-versa.

  • [CALCME-436] - Created web app icons for tablets (iPad & Android).

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-373] - Changing the assigned plotter to a function now works.

  • [CALCME-382] - Plotters no longer overlap text in PDF files.

  • [CALCME-393] - iPad vertical - Accordion menu no longer overlaps with the editing area.

  • [CALCME-394] - FAB is no longer shown in full-width plotter panel.

  • [CALCME-399] - Plotters in several sheets are no longer missed when saving.

  • [CALCME-407] - Strings with operator characters are now working properly.

  • [CALCME-409] - [Output options] Save settings in cookies now works.

  • [CALCME-410] - [Output options] Removed "show title bar" option.

  • [CALCME-420] - Programming functions are now inserted in the proper language.

  • [CALCME-431] - Text in the editing area no longer overlaps with Graph in narrow windows.

  • [CALCME-434] - "or" symbol in the output no longer breaks PDF generation.

Release 2.6/2.6.1 - Juny 2019


Bug fixing & kernel improvements.


  • [CALCME-364] - Improvements in the coherence of plotter naming.

  • [CALCME-377] - arcsin(1/2) is now exactly computed.

  • [CALCME-381] - Improved parentheses placement in expressions of the type (1/2)^t.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-433] - CalcMe icons are now displayed in Macs and iPads with "old" browsers.

  • [CALCME-300] - Fixed problems when assigning variables on iPad.

  • [CALCME-348] - Fixed plotter behaviour when a session had multiple sheets.

  • [CALCME-349] - Changed angle icon.

  • [CALCME-355] - Delete button is no longer always focused.

  • [CALCME-374] - Color picker is now properly displayed in Firefox, Edge or Safari.

  • [CALCME-430] - Fixed behaviour inside WirisQuizzes Studio when CalcMe had plots.

  • [CALCME-301] - Redo the undone CalcMesheet.xml tests.

Release 2.5 - May 2019


Bug fixing release.


  • [CALCME-357] - Improved the graphical representation of lengths.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-359] - Infinite lengths are now properly computed for paths.

  • [CALCME-361] - Improve lengths behaviour with paths.

  • [CALCME-362] - Length colour no longer changes when opening a saved session.

  • [CALCME-363] - A nonexisting point is no longer rendered when recalculating a plot from CalcMe

  • [CALCME-365] - Now one can calculate an area with axes with different lengths.

  • [CALCME-369] - Floor commands are now properly executed.

  • [CALCME-371] - Zooming twice a region plotter no longer causes problems.

Release 2.4 - April 2019


The colour & width selector for curves plotted using CalcMe commands have been moved to Graph. Now, it's possible to change the colour, width and line style of Graph elements. Icons are now either SVG or Material Icons so they look great on any device. Now, it's possible to close a plotter.

New Features

  • [CALCME-293] - Close plotters.


  • [CALCME-236] - Sync graph line style, colour, and width to CalcMe

  • [CALCME-309] - Use Material Icons whenever possible.

  • [CALCME-310] - Use SVG Icons in CalcMe and Graph.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-163] - [duplicate] mol unit is written in green (as a unit) on the left-hand side but in blue in the output.

  • [CALCME-194] - Fixed equal sign alignment in some browsers.

  • [CALCME-284] - Fixed buttons hover effect.

  • [CALCME-285] - Fixed visual issues with colour picker is from Graph in CalcMe

  • [CALCME-306] - Now it is possible to erase big operators and matrices in CalcMe

  • [CALCME-315] - Graph toolbar is now shown in full-screen Graph in Safari.

  • [CALCME-317] - Change the colour of a function from the contextual menu in graph.

  • [CALCME-328] - Fixed sticky hover effect on some buttons.

  • [CALCME-334] - Fixed language mismatch when importing old sessions from CAS.

  • [CALCME-338] - Hide plotter panel when there are no graphs.

  • [CALCME-341] - Brought back separator line between AppBar and menu.

  • [CALCME-372] - Fixed issue with menu and sheet overlapping in small windows.

Release 2.3 - March 2019


Bug fixing release.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-286] - Fixed caret bug in Format menu colour picker.

  • [CALCME-298] - Plotters can now have different axes' lengths.

  • [CALCME-305] - Bug fixed when saving sessions with multiple sheets.

  • [CALCME-311] - CalcMe drawer panel no longer overlaps full-screen Graph.

  • [CALCME-319] - Prevent full-window plotters to return to regular size on recalc.

  • [CALCME-322] - Left drawer no longer hides full-size graph.

  • [CALCME-323] - Improve plotter selection behaviour when there exist empty plotters.

  • [CALCME-324] - FAB is now above sheet elements.

  • [CALCME-331] - Use new Google sign-in API to save sessions to Google Drive.

Release 2.2 - February 2019


Bug fixing release.

New Feature

  • [CALCME-264],[CALCME-268] - Geometric vector notation [a,b]_(c,d).


  • [CALCME-318] - Increase plotters size in PDF.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-283] - Update WIRIS icon in a browser tab for new CalcMe icon.

  • [CALCME-295] - Resize images to fit the sheet size in PDF.

  • [CALCME-302] - Redirect to* to

  • [CALCME-304] - Fix CalcMe performance regression.

  • [CALCME-312] - Fix CalcMe FAB hover color.

  • [CALCME-303] - Check failing CAS Manual tests.

  • [CALCME-313] - Move 'Collection Test' and 'Success Index' tests to the pipeline.

Release 2.1 - January 2019


We fixed relevant bugs, such as issues with Google Drive and CSS conflicts in Moodle and Canvas, when the "include CalcMe" option was used in WirisQuizzes.


  • [CALCME-287] - Better colours for Plotter settings panel.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-197] - 'write' function writes two equal symbols.

  • [CALCME-273] - All the edges of a polygon created using a CalcMe command are now shown.

  • [CALCME-275] - Old functions are now removed when their plotter is deleted.

  • [CALCME-282] - mol unit now works properly in English.

  • [CALCME-288] - Better Area icon for graph tool.

  • [CALCME-289] - 3D plotter is interactive with the new CalcMe UI.

  • [CALCME-292] - CalcMeCalcMe CSS no longer has conflicts with Moodle and Canvas when "Include CalcMe" option is used.

Release 2.0.1 - December 2018


Mainly bug fixing release.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-274], [CALCME-276], [CALCME-277] - Strings in CalcMe now work with new UI.

  • [CALCME-290] - Behavior improvements of the bold and italics button for text mode.

  • [CALCME-272] - Refactor Polylines and Polygons.

Release 2.0 - November 2018


New user interface & user experience.


Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-194] - CSS now works in all browsers.

  • [CALCME-217] - Undesired white margins in dropdown menus no longer appear.

  • [CALCME-267] - The output of functions with the matrix as arguments now supports the transpose operator.

  • [CALCME-247] - New UI bug fixing.

  • [CALCME-266] - Create API for retrieving the names of user-defined functions and variables.

Release 1.19.1 - October 2018


  • [CALCME-131] - Assigned plotter to a variable through the button.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-195] - plotting a line in non-general form.

  • [CALCME-196] - unit and identifier problem.

  • [CALCME-243] - Function Representation.

  • [CALCME-225] - Fixed styles behavior: undo/redo.

Release 1.18/1.18.1 July/August 2018


Resolved critical bugs related to security and WirisQuizzes integration. Big new features (including new UI) coming later this year.


  • [CALCME-167] - Added per cent and permille to CalcMe

  • [CALCME-201] - Added "otherwise" option for piece-wise functions.

  • [CALCME-233] - Added vector/point feature to the left menu.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CALCME-200] - Removed old CalcMe icon when loading a session.

Release 1.16 May 2018

  • Quadratic equations now work with small numbers too.

  • plus-minus sign evaluation added.

  • Some more bugs and improvements on the Cas2Calc converter.

New Features

  • [CALCME-169] - plus_minus sign evaluation added.


  • [CALCME-165] - Empty groups cas2calc.

Bugs and minor improvements

  • [CAS-1181] - Fixed solving quadratic equations with small numbers.

  • [CALCME-164] - [Cas2Calc] Fixed: Programming functions written directly with the keyboard.

  • [CALCME-172] - Fixed: 'rem' function returns different outputs in CAS and CalcMe

Release 1.15 April 2018

New Features

  • [CAS-1193] - Interval commands available for all the algorithm languages. English words are still accepted for backward compatibility.

  • [CALCME-160] - Statistics plot added to the accordion menu.


  • [CALCME-170] - [Cas2Calc] unnecessary true and false declaration.

  • [CALCME-175] - [Cas2Calc] Translated units of measure names to symbols.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CALCME-171] - Return statement incorrectly in 1st column.

  • [CALCME-176] - Return statement incorrectly in 1st column.

Release 1.14 March 2018

New Features


  • [CAS-1121] - [CalcMeCalcMe

  • [CAS-1171] - Alt + Enter sets focus to the IdentifierBox.

  • [CAS-1175] - [Cas2Calc] Translate units of measure names to symbols.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-1144] - [CalcMe] Fixed sup and sub index shortcuts in Mac.

  • [CAS-1170] - [Cas2Calc] Automatically declare variables.

  • [CAS-1173] - [CalcMe] Fixed “:=” in identifier box writing “=” in the input box.

  • [CAS-1182] - [CalcMe] Fixed height problem in Firefox.

  • [CAS-1183] - [CalcMe] Fixed hiding bottom bar buttons when inside a div.

Release 1.13 February 2018

New Features

  • [CAS-1081] - Added pipe "|" functionality

  • [CAS-1128] - Fixed insert row or column to an existing matrix.

  • [CAS-1150] - Add F distribution to the Statistics menu.


  • [CAS-1133] - Remove buttons in the bottom bar if required.

  • [CAS-1134] - Remove CalcMe title if required.

  • [CAS-1163] - Allow definition of functions without variables without :=.

  • [CAS-1165] - Support syntax 2=2?.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-1166] - Translate "+=" notation from Cas to CalcMe.

  • [CAS-913] - Added Portuguese translation for "Powered by WIRIS logo".

  • [CAS-916] - Added translation for "Ceil" tooltip in greek.

  • [CAS-1024] - Fixed 'arc' function.

  • [CAS-1029] - Fixed ellipses with the same major and minor axis.

  • [CAS-1030] - Added 'power' function in English.

  • [CAS-1126] - Foxed indices in 'matrix_range' output

  • [CAS-1143] - Fixed "|" operator to be "factorof".

  • [CAS-1151] - Fixed constructions disappear on load document.

  • [CAS-1155] - Fixed issues in CAS to CalcMe conversor.

  • [CAS-1162] - Fixed random((1..3)/{2}).

  • [CAS-1164] - Fixed Variable subscript function syntax error.

  • [CAS-1168] - Fixed integral without differential.

  • [CAS-1169] - Fixed auto-expand multilines.

Release 1.12 January 2018

New Features

  • [CAS-1036] - Added statistics plots.

  • [CAS-1150] - Added F-distributed random variable.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-1109] - Fixed functions whose arguments have more than one letter.

Release 1.11 December 2017

New Features

  • [CAS-1051] - Added support for double range syntax in CalcMe


  • [CAS-1021] - Allow modifying an element of a vector in CalcMe

  • [CAS-1079] - Wiris CAS sessions exported as HTML accepted.

  • [CAS-1107] - Improved design of text comments in PDF.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-1104] - Fixed defaultBasePath conflict between products.

  • [CAS-1114] - Allow element of a matrix modification.

Release 1.10 October 2017

New Features

  • [CAS-958] - Added a simple way to define variables without assigning values.


  • [CAS-1064] - Allow question marks (?) in user defined function names.

  • [CAS-1075] - Added support for != in CAS2CALC translator.

  • [CAS-1077] - Adde support for matrix creation using [with in] syntax.

  • [CAS-1083] - Fixed backwards compatibility issue with solve outputs.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-1025] - Fixed plot3d to return original state when 'show cube' option is disabled

  • [CAS-1047] - Fixed strings containing MathML with attributes.

  • [CAS-1050] - Fixed session with multiline.

  • [CAS-1097] - Fixed CAS2CALC translator issues with different languages.

Release 1.9 September 2017 (CAS 2.5.35)

New Features

  • [CAS-1068] - Integrate CAS2CALC translator into CalcMe


  • [CAS-1066] - Allow "k in 1..15" syntax in bigops.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-859] - Deleting a plotter after a translation does not work.

  • [CAS-898] - Viewport cannot be moved when there is TextBox present.

  • [CAS-993] - plot3d fails in CalcMe when moving the graph.

  • [CAS-1073] - Main CAS HTML page is clipped in tomcat 8 Wiris CAS only).

Release 1.8 September 2017 (Wiris CAS 2.5.34)

New Features

  • [CAS-875] - Added local scope for variables (first iteration)

  • [CAS-877] - Added function to import Wiris CAS sessions into CalcMe

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-980] - Added a second method to Hermite basis computation. Wiris CAS only)

  • [CAS-869] - Fixed graph colour when doing undo/redo.

  • [CAS-1001] - Fixed unexpected behaviours for some commands on the left column.

  • [CAS-1002] - Improved programming command performance.

  • [CAS-1010] - Fixed issues when translating an integral from CAS to CalcMe

  • [CAS-1032] - Fixed complex set creation output when using infinite sets.

  • [CAS-1042] - Fixed set creation with the syntaxis {k in 1..15 where ...}.

  • [CAS-1055] - Fixed reserved words in imported CalcMe sessions.

  • [CAS-1056] - Fixed 'conjugates' function.

Release 1.7 August 2017 (Wiris CAS 2.5.33)

New Features

  • [CAS-873] - Added if / if (else if)* (else)? syntax.

  • [CAS-982] - Added range notation.

  • [CAS-1006] - Added support for complex set creation.


  • [CAS-989] - Indentate multiline in PDF.

  • [CAS-991] - Show only the boxes corresponding to the current input line

  • [CAS-1007] - Allow creation of functions without arguments.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-970] - Fixed jumping to the previous line with the left arrow.

  • [CAS-972] - Fixed turning units into reserved words after using the unit() function.

  • [CAS-976] - Fixed variations with repetition.

  • [CAS-986] - Backwards compatibility for curly brackets.

  • [CAS-987] - Fixed vertical lists as arguments.

  • [CAS-1003] - Complex expressions accepted with return command (not only variables).

  • [CAS-1009] - Fixed double factorial.

  • [CAS-1011] - Fixed empty set.

  • [CAS-1012] - Fixed "in" in loops.

  • [CAS-1018] - Fixed wrong label when plotting 'arcsin'.

  • [CAS-1026] - Fixed NullPointerException with imaginary ellipse.

  • [CAS-978] - Fixed error when computing arccot(0). Wiris CAS only)

  • [CAS-984] - Fixed 'simple_fractions' bad translation. Wiris CAS only)

  • [CAS-988] - Fixed 'homotecy' wrong translation. Wiris CAS only)

Release 1.6 August 2017

New Features

  • [CAS-873] - Support for conditional clauses: if, else if, else.

  • [CAS-982] - Support for range notation such as 1..10..2.

  • [CAS-1006] - Support for set definition by comprehension, e.g. {a with a in 1..10 where a > 5}.


  • [CAS-989] - Proper indentation in pdf with multiline environments.

  • [CAS-991] - Only show editing box on current subline in multiline.

  • [CAS-1007] - Allow creation of functions with no arguments.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-976] - Fix bug with variations with repetition.

  • [CAS-1003] - Fix return command to accept complex expressions, not only variables.

  • [CAS-1009] - Double factorial now works correctly.

  • [CAS-1018] - Fix wrong label when plotting 'arcsin'.

  • [CAS-1026] - Fix NullPointerException with imaginary ellipses.

  • [CAS-986] - CalcMe now interprets vertical lists with curly brackets as in CAS.

  • [CAS-987] - CalcMe now works with vertical lists as arguments.

  • [CAS-1012] - Allow loops to accept "in" syntax.

Release 1.5 July 2017


We've just about completed the integration of CalcMe in WirisQuizzes and most of the improvements in this release are aimed towards this. Soon we'll have a beta version to play with. In particular, we've ported the programming environment - a new menu tab with the programming constructs is now available. Also bug fixes as usual.

New Features

  • [CAS-872] - Enabled multiline environment for programing.

  • [CAS-874][CAS-946] - Instructions as while/ for / begin...end/ repeat loops added to CalcMe kernel.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-867] - Resolved issues regarding units of measure.

  • [CAS-912] - Resolved issues regarding some functions in different languages.

  • [CAS-924] - Functions from Wiris CAS work in this version with and without accents.

  • [CAS-928] - Language recognized as a reserved word.

  • [CAS-932] - Identity matrix fixed in Spanish.

  • [CAS-939] - Resolved zoom issues and graph disappearing problems.

  • [CAS-944] - Resolved blinking icons for matrix.

  • [CAS-951] - Added begin...end loop in French and Portuguese.

  • [CAS-960] - Resolved lines in axis.

Release 1.4 June 2017


In this release, in continuation of the initiative to replace Wiris CAS with CalcMe in Quizzes we have added to Wiris CAS the languages already present in WirisQuizzes and we have ported all the commands from Wiris CAS to the CalcMe engine while tidying up some names a bit. This new version also includes improved graphics recognition: it is now possible to hand-draw parabolas, arcs and circles.

New Features

  • [CAS-900] - Added German, Greek, French, Portuguese and Portuguese Brazilian languages to CalcMe interface in order to match with WirisQuizzes UI languages.

  • [GRAPH-128] Recognition of freehand drawn parabolas and arcs of circumferences.

  • [GRAPH-126] Use snapping, linking of close elements, in the hand-free drawing.


  • [CAS-79] - All Wiris CAS commands now available in CalcMe

  • [CAS-894] - Rationalization of command names in CalcMe

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [CAS-849] - Resolved problems with some keyboard shortcuts.

  • [CAS-853] - Added units with simple division ‘/’ in autoformat (km/h).

  • [CAS-863] - Resolved problem with vector not properly working in Spanish, Catalan, nor Italian.

  • [CAS-868] - Solved problems undoing graph-hand actions with two plotters.

  • [CAS-871] - Now "Mitjana" resolves when is applied to Random variable type.

  • [CAS-891] - Resolved PDF showing some text incorrectly.

  • [CAS-892] - Improved dynamic fonts in print.war

  • [CAS-895] - Repaired problems solving some equations with trigonometry.

  • [CAS-911] - Repaired problem with plotter disappearing when clicking Draw.

  • [CAS-779] - Created an automatic test for PDF output.

  • [GRAPH-123] - Repaired Undo/Redo fails when we delete entities in CalcMe

Release 1.3 May 2017


As in previous iterations, this sprint has been mainly dedicated to free WirisQuizzes from Java and the adaptation of CalcMe to be the basis of the algorithms in WirisQuizzes Again we have been working in some beta features in the Graphing area, improving the handwriting mode. Among other things, you can draw some new figures in the plotter area; we are sure that the Graphing area in CalcMe will be soon a great and useful tool ;)


  • [CAS-861] - Added WIRIS corporate logo in the footer.

  • [CAS-881] - WIRIS desktop released.

  • [CAS-745] - Added random variables.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • [GRAPH-120] - Constructive constraints in hand input.

  • [KERN-185] - New constraint "Ellipse arc by 5 points".

Release 1.2 April 2017


This Sprint iteration has been mostly dedicated to free WirisQuizzes from Java. The creation of algorithms associated with some questions is based on Wiris CAS an online calculator with a Java applet interface. The creation of WirisQuizzes algorithms will soon be based on CalcMe an online calculator based on HTML5 interfaces. Handwriting your graphical elements is starting to walk. We have enabled as a Beta feature the opportunity to draw a line or a circle in the Graphing area.


New features

  • Autoformat shortcuts enabled.

Bugs & minor improvements resolved

  • Improved performance with PDF generation

Beta features

  • Handwriting support for element creation.

Release 1.1 March 2017

  • CalcMe substitutes Wiris CAS as our solution for mathematical calculations and graphics.