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WirisQuizzes 4.6.0 is here

Welcome to WirisQuizzes 4.6

A new version of WirisQuizzes is here, the WirisQuizzes 4.6.0.


Do you have no time to lose? Does it take too much of your time to write those complex dynamic questions? We've developed the quick random variables edition mode for you.

Why are we doing this?

Creating dynamic questions with WirisQuizzes Studio can require some time and experience; we do love CalcMe, but we know that it might not be the most accessible tool to use when you're just starting out with WirisQuizzes. That is why we've created an easier and quicker way to generate random variables for your dynamic questions.

With this release, we hope to save you time and some headaches, especially when starting off with WirisQuizzes. But don't worry, if you're an algorithm line lover, we are not taking this away from you; you will always be able to use our advanced mode.

Where are we heading next? Help us get there

We're looking into developing this easy to create random variables for our graphical features. Thus, you will be able to develop dynamic graph questions with seamlessly.

If this is something you would be interested in, we would love to receive your feedback and ideas; please drop us an email at

New features

Quick Mode - Random Variables

WirisQuizzes has new functionality for generating dynamic questions. Create random variables with our quick edition mode.

Add Integers as Random Variables to your Question

Add up to five random variable groups to your question by clicking on the Add variable button.


These variables will need to be integers; we are working to provide you with more options in the future.


Random Variables appear in the Question Statement, Solution and Feedback

These random variables will automatically be used to create dynamic questions and will also be reflected in the solution and feedback of these questions.


Create a dynamic question by calling out these variables in the initial content and solution

To activate these variables, please call them on the MathType editor by using an #. For example, #var1·x+#var2=y, this expression will generate dynamic questions such as: -10·x+5=y, -9·x+6=y, -8·x+7=y, -7·x+8=y etc

Evaluate command for random variable expressions

When adding an expression of random variables to your question statement, for example:


where var1=-10 and var2=5.

You can either choose to have this expression evaluated or not. To evaluate these variables, please call them on the MathType editor by using an # and type "evaluate" beforehand.


This expression will then appear as -5·x=y. If you don't add the evaluate command, then your expression will appear as -10·x+5·x=y.

Automatic conversion to the Advanced Mode

The random variables you create in the quick edition mode will automatically appear in the advanced mode. See an example below:


The same happens if you delete a random variable from the quick edition mode, it will disappear from the advanced mode automatically.

Time to say goodbye

WirisQuizzes 4.6 is out. To become an early adopter, don't hesitate to contact your LMS admin to ensure you're using the latest version of WirisQuizzes.

Give us your feedback on WirisQuizzes via this survey . We truly appreciate it!

This is not a goodbye, but a see you very soon. Wish you a happy quizz-ing.

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