Students can answer with plain text, removing any mathematical comparison. You need to select the Text answer type for pure text answers with no mathematical content.



Below you can see a use case where we want the student to classify a triangle according to its sides


Another example could ask for the conversion of a decimal number to hexadecimal.


Validation options

There are several particular validation options when we create a Text question.


Note you can set:

  • Match case: if disabled, lowercase and uppercase letters are equivalent.

  • Match spaces: if disabled, leading and trailing spaces will be removed, and internal groups of spaces will be collapsed to one.

If the correct answer is generated using CalcMe, it must be a string. To convert an expression to a string you can use:

  • Make a constant string: a="123"

  • Concatenate with a string, even the empty one: b=123|""

  • string(123)

  • string_substitution("#1",123)

If you are using the string_substitution() command, it's essential to consider that mathematical expression can't be introduced through the code editor. You can find an example below:



You can see more details regarding the code editor and what this new feature has to offer here.