Student answer in question feedback

As a new feature in Wiris Quizzes 3.5, it's possible to use the student's answer inside the question feedback. In other words, you can now give a personalized response to each student, depending on what their answer was.

We'll show how you can do this with a quick example. Let's ask the following question:

With the new feature, we can add dynamic feedback to the question, that changes based on the student's answer. For example, in this question we could graph the student's answer, and compare it to the correct answer:

This is possible thanks to a new functionality within the Variables tab, which allows us to access the student's answer. The procedure is always going to be the same. Start out by writing parameter answer = 0. From then on, the student answer is stored in the variable called answer. This is now a variable which acts just like any other variable, but it always has the value of the student's answer. For the feedback example we just looked at, we ended up with this:


Finally, we have to add an answer blank for wrong answers, and use the customized feedback for it. To do this, add another answer blank, set the Correct Answer to any value, and in Validation choose the option Any answer. Leave the grade for the blank as None. This simply creates a way of giving feedback for any answer except the correct one. In the feedback we use the variables that we created earlier:

and we're done!