User functions

Wiris Quizzes Studio uses symbolic notation so we can work with variables and symbols. This is extremely useful but then f(x) is understood as a multiplication f times x.

Wiris Quizzes 4 documentation

This documentation page has also been updated to the latest Wiris Quizzes version. You can find the same information for Wiris Quizzes 4 here.

If we want that to be interpreted as a function f evaluated at a point x, we need to declare it as a User function in Validation > General > Options for general.

Let us see a question example

This is the well-known statement of the Fibonacci sequence. We ask for two answers: the relation and a particular term of the series. Thus, the Correct answer tab will look like

Note that since f is marked as a User function, it is shown in blue, as any other elemental function (sin comma space cos comma space...).

This feature is also useful when considering composition of functions questions.