Wiris Quizzes 4 documentation

This documentation page has also been updated to the latest Wiris Quizzes version. You can find the same information for Wiris Quizzes 4 here.
Students can answer text.

Another example:

You can configure Text mode in Validation > Allowed input:

Note you can set:

  • Match case: if disabled, lowercase and uppercase letters are equivalent.
  • Match spaces: if disabled, leading and trailing spaces will be removed, and internal groups of spaces will be collapsed to one.

If the correct answer is generated using Algorithm, then it must be a string. To convert an expression to a string you can use:

  • Make a constant string: a="123"
  • Concatenate with a string, even the empty one: a=123|""
  • string(123)
  • string_substitution("#1",123)