Equivalent equations

The best way to handle equations in answers is the smart comparison mode of Equivalent equations. In this mode, two equations, inequations, or systems of, are equivalent if they have the same solutions ignoring multiplicity.

Wiris Quizzes 3 documentation

This documentation page has been updated to the latest Wiris Quizzes version. You can find the same information for the previous versions here.

Consider the following question:

with correct answer:

Student answer Validation
fraction numerator y minus 2 over denominator x minus 1 end fraction equals 3
y minus 2 equals 3 x minus 3
y equals 3 x minus 1
y over 3 plus 1 third equals x

Note that the solutions are a particular case of equivalent equations. But you can not decide if an equation is solved yet, or is not. Beware you should not use this mode to ask for solutions of equations. For example,

with correct answer:

Student answer Validation
x equals 3
3 x equals 9
2 x minus 2 equals x plus 1