Students can use currencies in answers. See below a list of the currently accepted ones:
Symbol Name
BTC Bitcoin
$ Dollar
Fr Franc
kr Koruna/Krona/Krone
£ Pound
¥ Yen/Yuan

Currencies are similar to physical units:

  • You must use Quantity in Validation > Allowed input setting.
  • You can do basic arithmetic with currencies
  • ... except you can not convert() between them.
  • Students can write the currency symbol at left ($12) or at right (34€). Both styles will be graded as correct.
  • Students must type the currency symbol using their keyboard. The toolbar for the answer doesn't have any currency symbols. So please ensure that students have the symbol in their keyboard! Alternatively, provide it in the question wording for them to copy & paste.
  • If you want to make an algorithm for a question with currencies, you must use the corresponding CalcMe symbol for them under Units of measure tab.