Wiris Quizzes service math expression coverage

This documentation page intends to describe the set of mathematical expressions that can be properly parsed by the Wiris Quizzes mathematical engine. We cannot guarantee that all notations used worldwide for a listed expression are supported, but the most common forms are.
Some of the expressions will not be recognized with the default grammar settings because they may have an ambiguous meaning in a general context. You can use the Input Options menu to configure the context that will be used to parse the corresponding correct answers and student answers.
If your integration does not use the Wiris Quizzes Studio, you can do so by adding parameters to the syntax assertion (see the technical reference for the detailed instructions on that).

The most basic expressions are recognized by default by Wiris Quizzes' evaluation engine. Below you can see a list of them.

Supported basic expressions
Sums Substractions
Products Divisions
Fractions Exponents
Roots Decimal points
Periodic decimal numbers Absolute values
Plus-Minus symbol Factorials
Infinity Thousands separator

It's also possible to combine them into a single expression and it will also be recognized.