Technical description

Wiris Quizzes enhances the computer-based assessment in mathematics and science. You will never use Wiris Quizzes as an isolated application but appearing inside an existing Learning Management System (LMS). For example, many are familiar with the integration of Wiris Quizzes and the Moodle platform.
Wiris Quizzes generic are the technological components that empower Wiris Quizzes. It takes the form of a library, a Web service or a plugin depending on where you want to integrate it. There are implementations for different technologies: PHP, Java, .NET, JavaScript and Flash.
Wiris Quizzes improves the question types True/False, Multiple choice, Matching, Short answer, Essay, Embedded answers (Cloze), etc. – in other words, every question type you may come across.

The Wiris Quizzes enhancements are summarized in the following list:

  • Formula editing at authoring time and formula visualization at presentation time.
  • WYSIWYG input of formulas in the student answers of open question. Formulas are input in the habitual mathematical notation. Country locales.
  • Syntax validation in student answers. Real-time syntax validation if needed.
  • Grading the answers considering mathematical equivalences and criteria. Use Wiris Quizzes Studio to choose your assertions for grading.
  • Generating random questions via an algorithm and advanced grading (when it is not sufficient to compare the student answer with the correct answer).
  • Easy inclusion of 2D and 3D graphics in the questions. Such graphics can be optionally generated from random parameters.

You can find Wiris Quizzes in many Moodle installations available world-wide. Go to demo

Other third party learning applications have already incorporated Wiris Quizzes. To see a raw demo of what we call Wiris Quizzes generic visit here.

You can visit Wiris Quizzes STEMcollection to play and download some examples of questions.

For Moodle, you can download the Wiris Quizzes plugin for Moodle that can be installed in any instance of Moodle by the administrator.

If you have your own learning management system or you are developing a learning application you can check Wiris Quizzes generic where you will find the tools for integrating Wiris Quizzes into your system.

Wiris Quizzes Studio is the tool that authors use to specify the enhanced features of a question.

Wiris Quizzes exists only in the context of a learning management system (LMS). Thus, the authoring of a question is provided by the LMS in the sense that is the LMS the responsible of displaying and managing the form that requests the input for the question text, the grading values, the correct answer and any possible feedback. Wiris Quizzes Studio is relegated only to specify the enhanced features:

  • Input the correct answer in a fully WYSIWYG formula editor: MathType.
  • Whether use the MathType or plain text as an input method for the student.
  • The correctness criteria. You can choose the assertions from an available list.
  • Write the algorithm for generating random values.
  • Provide a quick testing interface of the question.

Check Wiris Quizzes Studio user manual.